UBRC Report

Utah Birds Records Committee – Report for 2018 

Voting Members: Kathy Beyer, Kenny Frisch, Stephanie Greenwood, Mike Hearell, Dennis Shirley, Steve  Sommerfeld, Mark Stackhouse, Larry Tripp, Kevin Wheeler  Non-voting Members:  Rick Fridell (Secretary), Milt Moody (Webmaster), Eric Huish (Archivist), Cody Neuman (eBird Liaison)

This annual report of the Committee summarizes 76 records of 41 species submitted in 2018.  The Committee accepted 69 of these records (90.8%).  The primary reason for records being rejected by the Committee during the period covered by this report was insufficient descriptive details to eliminate similar species.  Other reasons included lapsed time between the date of observation and written report, lack of supporting physical evidence [photographs, audio recordings, multiple observers], the short time of observation or poor conditions of observation, and the possibility of the bird being a hybrid. 


Besides the Voting Members listed above, the following Committee members participated in the review of the records for 2018: Bryan Shirley and David Wheeler. The report was compiled by the Webmaster, Milt Moody and edited by David Wheeler.

In 2017, the American Ornithologicl Society's Committee on Classification and Nomenclature--North and Middle America  merged the Thayer's Gull and Iceland Gull into one species, the Iceland Gull.  The difficulty our Records Committee had last year with record 2017-02 for an Iceland Gull, illustrates the problem that was solved by this merger.  Since the Thayer's Gull is now considered a subspecies, it was removed from the Utah state checklist.  Also as a result of the merger, the redefined Iceland Gull is no longer so rare as to be included on the Review List, so will no longer be reviewed by the Committee.

This year, three new species were added to the checklist of Utah birds. A sighting at Lytle Ranch from August 2015 of a Pacific-slope Flycatcher was resubmitted  by Kenny Frisch with new information and analysis of the spectrograms of the birds song and was accepted as the first record of this species in Utah. Another first state record from a remote area in the northwest part of Washington County for a Dusky-capped Flycatcher submitted by Mike Schijf was accepted by the Committee.  His excellent documentation and photos met the high standard for a first sighting for Utah.  In September a Blue-footed Booby was discovered by Nikki Emanuel in Warm Creek Bay at Lake Powell,and stayed around for about 2 1/2 months, allowing numerous birders to see and photograph the bird.  With these three new birds, the total species on the Utah bird list at the end of the year was 464.


All species evaluated by the Committee are listed by common and scientific name using the nomenclature and taxonomic order of the 7th American Ornithological Society Check-list of North American Birds, as of the 59th supplement.  The name is followed (in parenthesis) by  the number of the records accepted for this species in the last ten years followed by the total number of official sightings for Utah. The following information is included with each record in the Species Accounts section:  record number, occurrence date, sighting location, observer(s) who submitted written documentation of the record, and the number of birds observed along with age and sex if known and a link to any photos submitted with the record (all in parenthesis), and the final-round vote of the committee, with the first number being the “accept” votes and the second number being the “not-accept” votes.  A summary/explanation of the sight record review (enclosed in parenthesis) will follow the "final round" vote. for those records that were not unanimously accepted in the first round.  Any comments about the species, as a group, will be, in italics, in the final paragraph of each species section. There are hyperlinks for each species to the list of vetted sightings in Utah, and to the actual sight records along with any photos for that record.

The Utah Bird Records Committee would like to thank those individuals who submitted documentation for these rare sightings as well as those who sent in additional material and information about these birds. The submission of photographs and recordings of songs or calls, along with the written documentation is strongly encouraged by the Committee.  They help greatly to establish the validity of these sightings.



Pacific Golden-Plover  (2018-25)
by Cameron Cox

Red-necked Grebe  (Podiceps grisegena)  (16 / 26)

     2018-27.  27 Jun 2018 - Quail Creek Reservoir, Washington Co., by Paul Hicks  (adult?). 1st: round: 9-0
     This species is being consider for removal from the Review List because of increased sightings in the state.


Vaux's Swift  (Chaetura pelagica)  (9 / 22)
     2018-19.  20 Apr 2018 - Millstream Lane, Millcreek, Salt Lake Co., by Joel Beyer   (one)  3rd round: 3-6 -- (After three rounds, it was decided that a Chimney Swift could not be rule out as a possibility).

    2018-15.  1 May 2018 - Salt Lake Interntional Center, Salt Lake Co., by Kristin Purdy   (adult)  1st round: 9-0
2018-22.  12 May 2018 - I-215 north near exit 4, Salt Lake Co.,   by Ian Batterman   (one)  2nd round: 0-9 -- (The observation  for such a short time, from a moving car, made it difficult to eliminate a Chimney Swift as a possibility).

      2018-54.  16 Aug 2018 -Silver Lake, Salt Lake Co., by Kenny Frisch  (one)   1st round: 9-0


Ruff  (Calidris pugnax)  (5 / 8)

     2018-48.  1 Oct 2018 - Bountiful Pond, Davis Co., by Cameron Cox  (juvenile)  3rd round: 4-5 -- (Even with a very experienced observer, a ten second look with less than ideal lighting conditions caused just enough doubt to not accept this record after three rounds, in a very close decision).


Red Phalarope  (Phalaropus fulicarius)  (7 /17)
2018-03.  8 Oct 2017 - Antelope Island Causeway, Davis Co., by Kathy & Joel Beyer   (winter adult, Photos)
1st round: 9-0

      2018-49.  28 Sep 2018 - Warm Creek Bay, Lake Powell, Kane Co., by Mike Schijf  (adult Photos)
 1st round: 9-0

      2018-50.  4 Oct 2018 - Antelope Island Causeway, Davis Co., by Bryant Olsen  (non-breeding adult, Photos)
1st round: 9-0

Long-tailed Jaeger  (2019-39)
by Glenn Kincaid


Long-tailed Jaeger  (Stercorarius longicaudus)  (3 / 12)

     2018-39.  5 Sep 2018 -West of Cisco, Grand Co., by

 Glenn Kinkaid  (juvenile, Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Pacific Golden-Plover  (Pluvialis fulva)  (1 / 3)
2018-25.  17 May 2018 - Deseret Ranch, Rich Co., by Cameron Cox   (adult female, Photos)  1st round: 9-0
     Two other sightings of this species in the last 10 years could not be confirmed.


Red-throated Loon  (Gavia stellata)  (10/19)
     2018-10.  9 Mar 2018 - Quail Creek State Park, Washington Co., by Julie Frost   (one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Blue-footed Booby  (Sula nebouxii)  (1 / 1)
2018-46.  19 Sep 2018 - Warm Creek Bay, Lake Powell, Kane Co., by Nikki Emanuel  (one, Photos)

Blue-footed Booby (2018-46)
by Nikki Emanuel

1st round: 9-0  -- (This bird was seen and photographed by many over a two-week period. A great record for a first sighting for Utah).  [first state record]


Brown Pelican  (Pelecanus occidentalis)  (3 / 9)
2018-32.  9 Jul 2018 - Antelope Island State Park, Davis Co., by Roseanna Denton  (juvenile, Photo)  2nd round: 8-1 --  (Although the photo was very poor, the description of this unique bird was enough to be convincing).


Reddish Egeret  (Egretta rufescens)  (2 / 5)

     2018-41.  4 Sep 2018 - Sand Hollow Reservoir, Washington Co., by Maurice DeMille  (juvenile, Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Zone-tailed Hawk  (Buteo albonotatus)  (9 / 21)
     2016-22a.  9 May 2016 -Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington Co., by Neil Paprocki, Evan Buechley   (adult, Photos)   1st round: 9-0

     2018-21.  25 Apr 2018 - East fork of Taylor Creek, Washington Co., by Jamison Connor England   (adult, Photos)  2nd round: 8-1  -- (Despite some concerns with the unusual coloration, and no mention of similar species, the shape and other characteristics indicated a Zone-tailed Hawk).

      2018-14.  27 Apr 2018 - Pine Park, Washington Co.,  by Neil Paprocki, Evan Buechley   (adult, Photo)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-18.  4 May 2018 - Kolob Reservoir Road, Washington Co., by Joanna Kane   (adult, Photo)  1st round: 9-0

Reddish Egret  (2018-41)
by Maruice DeMille


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  (Sphyrapicus varius)  (17 / 22)
2018-01.  1 Jan 2018 - Payson City Cemetery, Utah Co., by Jesse Lee   (one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-53.  5 Oct 2018 - Salt Lake International Center, Salt Lake Co., by Bryant Olsen  (Juv. male,  Photos)  2nd round: 9-0  -- (Some concern about the early date allowing the possibility of a juvenile Red-naped Sapsucker, sent it to a second round, where it was unanimously accepted).

       2018-63.  2 Nov 2018 - Lytle Ranch, Washington Co., by Suzi Holt  (juvenile,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-65.  6 Nov 2018 - Royal Oaks Park, St. George, Washington Co., by Mike Schijf  (HY female?,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Red-breasted Sapsucker  (Sphyrapicus ruber)  (9 / 16)

     2018-60.  13 Oct 2018 - Lytle Ranch, Washington Co., by Mike Malmquist & Terry Reid  (1st year,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0
      2018-62.  27 Oct 2018 - Northeast of Hildale, Washington Co., by Mike Schijf  (one,  Photos)  2nd round: 0-7  -- (The black stripe showing through the red behind the eye, plus weak red on the chest, and the black patch on the back of the head indicated a likely hybrid with a Red-naped Sapsucker).

      2018-66.  6 Nov 2018 - Royal Oaks Park, St. George, Washington Co., by Maurice DeMille  (adult fem?,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     This species is being consider for removal from the Review List because of increased sightings in the state.

Gilded Flicker  (2018-75)
by Mike Schijf

Gilded Flicker  (Colaptes chrysoides)  (3 /3)
2018-75  15 Dec 2018 - Coalpits Wash, Zion NP, Washington Co., by Mike Schijf  (male, Photos)  2nd round: :6-3  -- (Though some characteristics were thought to indicate a possible hybrid, enough support was maintained in the second round to accept this sighting as a Gilded Flicker).


Least Flycatcher  (Empidonax minimus)  (16 / 22)
     2018-24.  15 May 2018 - Loch Lomond Pond, Utah Co., by Rachel LeBlanc   (one, Video with sound)    2nd round: 9-0  -- (After some difficulty hearing the "che-bek" in the video, the committee was convinced of the ID with a unanimous vote in the second round.).

    2018-30.  24 May 2018 -River Lane, Utah Co., by Max Malmquist; Milt Moody   (adult);  Suzi Holt (Photos)  1st round: 9-0

    2018-64.  2 Jun 2015 - Willard Bay SP, Box Elder Co., by Kristin Purdy  (two, Audio1, Audio2, Audio3 )  1st round: 9-0
     This species is being consider for removal from the Review List because of increased sightings in the state.


Pacific-slope Flycatcher  (Empidonax difficilis (2 / 2)

     2018-28.  3 Jun 2018 - Lytle Ranch Preserve, Washington Co., by Kenny Frisch   (adult male)  2nd round: 6-3  -- (With this species, being in a tough flycatcher group, even with the spectograms, it was not an easy decision to accept at the species level, but it was accepted in the second round).

   Possible Hutton's Vireo (2018-43
by Jon Aird

Great Crested Flycatcher  
Myiarchus crinitus)  (1 / 2)

     2018-59.  23 Oct 2018 - Bountiful Pond, Davis Co., by Cameron Cox  (one,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Scissor-tailed Flycatcher  (Tyrannus forficatus)  (3/ 12)
     2018-29.  9 Jun 2018 - Along Route 118 near Richfield, Sevier Co., by Kiandra Haaf  (adult female?)  1st round: 9-0

Hutton's Vireo  (Vireo huttoni)  (0 / 0)  

     2018-43.  3 Sep 2018 - Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Davis Co., by Jon Aird  (one, Photos)  3rd round: 2-7  -- (As a possible first state record, this sighting was questioned, as a species not known for vagrancy, on being way out of it range, and on its possibly being an escapee as well as on possibly being an immature Cassin's Vireo. Too many doubts to be accepted as a first state record).


Yellow-throated Vireo  (Vireo flavifrons)  (2 / 5)
      2018-23.  18 May 2018 - Olympus Cove, Salt Lake Co., by David McCoy   (adult, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

Yellow-throated Vireo  (2018-23)
by David McCoy

Philadelphia Vireo  (Vireo philadelphicus)  (4 / 6)

     2018-44.  30 Aug 2018 - Tonaquint Nature Center, Washington Co., by Kendall Watkins  (adult)  2nd round: 7-2  -- (There was some question about its possibly being a bright Warbling Vireo, but most reviewers were willing to accept this record, even without a photo).

Winter Wren  (Troglodytes hiemalis)  (8 / 8)

     2018-69.  17 Nov 2018 - City Creek Canyon, Salt Lake Co., by Bryant Olsen  (one,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-74.  17 Dec 2018 - Provo River, Utah Co., by Dan Carpenter  (one, Photos )   2nd round: 7-0  -- (Despite some question in the first round, about the vocalization in the videos, this record was easily accepted in the second round).


Eastern Bluebird  (Sialia sialis)  (2 / 6)

     2018-72.  11 Dec 2018 - Jordan River Parkway, Salt Lake Co., by Pomera Fronce  (adult male, Photos )  1st round: 9-0


Brown-capped Rosy-Finch  (Leucosticte australis)  (6 / 6)
2018-13.  7 Apr 2018 - Alta Town Office, Salt Lake Co., by Neil Paprocki, Casey Weissburg (probably adult female)  2nd round: 2-7  -- (The possibility that this could be confused with the similar juvenile Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, made the committee reluctant to accept this as an official sighting for the state).


Common Redpoll  (Acanathis flammea)  (33 / 44)
2018-04.  11 Jan 2018 - Millcreek, Salt Lake Co., by Joel Beyer   (5 or 6 bird)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-08.  31 Jan 2018 - Garr Ranch, Antelope Island SP, Davis Co., by Bryant Olsen   (female, Photos)  1st round: 8-0

     2018-16.  4 Feb 2018 - Yellow Fork Canyon, Salt Lake Co., by Ian Batterman   (adult)  2nd round: 0-9  -- (The possibility of a Pine Siskin was not ruled out).

     2018-11.  7 Mar 2018 - Bingham City Cemetery, Salt Lake Co., by Pomera Fronce   (female/juv, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

    2018-31.  16 Jun 2018 - Alpine Loop Hwy 82, Utah Co., by Steve Van Winkle  (adult male)  1st round: 0-9  -- (The date of this sighting, putting this way out of the summer range for this species, and the mention of an "unstreaked chest" and a dark bill, were obstacles to accepting this record).
     This species is being consider for removal from the Review List because of increased sightings in the state.


Chestnut-collared Longspur  (Calcarius ornatus)  (1 / 5)
2018-02.  22 Dec 2017 - Near Willard Bay, Weber Co., by Matthew Pendleton   (one, Photo)  2nd round: 8-1  -- (The distinctive triangular tail pattern, visible in the photo, was good enough to accept this sighting).


McCown's Longspur  (Rhynchophanes mccownii)  (9 / 18)
     2018-09.  23 Jan 2018 - Mosida, mm 10 on US 68, Utah Co., by Bryan Shirley   (several, Photos)  1st round: 8-0

     2018-58.  17 Oct 2018 - Antelope Island Causeway, Davis Co., by Cameron Cox  (one)   2nd round: 8-1  -- (A brief encounter in bad light caused some doubt in the first round, which was somewhat mollified in the second round).

Baltimore Oriole (2018-36)

by Mia McPherson

Baltimore Oriole  (Icterus galbula)  (5 / 7)
     2018-36.  23 Aug 2018 - Jeremy Ranch Road, Morgan Co., by Mia McPherson  (adult male, Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Rusty Blackbird  (Euphagus carolinus)  (12 / 17)
2018-05.  21 Jan 2018 - Farmington Bay WMA. Davis Co., by Kristin Purdy   (adult female, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-07.  30 Jan 2018 - Gilmor Livestock, Salt Lake Co., by Kristin Purdy   (adult male)  2nd round: 9-0  -- (A question about another bird that might have a plumage similar to this bird at this time of year, sent the record to a second round where the question was resolved).

     2018-61.  31 Oct 2018 - Farmington Bay, Davis Co., by Bryant Olsen  (female,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-67.  13 Nov 2018 - Bountiful Pond, Davis Co., by Bryant Olsen  (female,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-73.  15 Dec 2018 - N. of International Center, Salt Lake Co., by Matthew Pendleton  (male, Photos )   1st round: 9-0
     This species is being consider for removal from the Review List because of increased sightings in the state.


Ovenbird  (Seiurus aurocapilla)  (10 / 25)

     2018-45.  8 Sep 2018 - Red Butte Canyon, Salt Lake Co., by Joshua Horns  (AHY, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-68.  2 Oct 2018 - Fruita Campground, Capitol Reef NP, Wayne Co., by Nancy Clogston  (adult,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Prothonotary Warbler  (Protonotaria citrea)  (8 / 15)

     2018-37.  26 Aug 2018 - Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Davis Co., by Joel & Kathy Beyer  (adult male)  2nd round: 8-1  -- (The glimmer of doubt expressed in the first round was easily removed in the second).


Tennessee Warbler  (Oreothlypis peregrina)  (13 / 14)

     2018-40.  5 Sep 2018 - Bountiful Pond, Davis Co., by Cameron Cox  (1st cycle, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-42.  15 Sep 2018 - Galena-Soo'nkahni reclamation site, Salt Lake Co., by Bryant Olsen  (one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-52.  4 Oct 2018 - Royal Oaks Park, St. George, Washington Co., by Mike Schijf  (1st fall,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

  Rusty Blackbird (2018-05)
by Kristin Purdy

Ovengird (2018-45)
by Joshua Horns

Hooded Warbler (2018-55)
by Mike Schijf

Hooded Warbler
  (Setophaga citrina)  (3 / 7)

      2018-55.  6 Oct 2018 - Confluence Park, La Verkin, Washington Co., by Mike Schijf  (adult male,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Northern Parula  (Setophaga americana)  (17 / 27)
     2018-06.   27 Jan 2018 - Zion National Park, Washington Co., by Ian Adams   (one)  2nd round: 9-0  -- (With no photos, there was some reluctance to accept this record in the first round, but in the second, the voting was unanimous).


Magnolia Warbler  (Setophaga magnolia)  (5 / 13)

     2018-71.  24 May 2018 - Provo Airport Dike, Utah Co., by Max Malmquist  (adult male, Photos )  1st round: 9-0


Blackpoll Warbler  (Setophaga striata)  (7 / 17)
     2018-38.  2 Sep 2018 - Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Davis Co., by Bryant Olsen  (one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-51.  30 Sep 2018 - Bountiful Pond, Davis Co.,   by Max Malmquist  (non-breeding adult,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0

Palm Warbler (2018-17)
by Cameron Cox

Palm Warbler  (Setophaga palmarum)  (14 / 24)
     2018-17.  3 May 2018 - Buffalo Pond, Davis Co., by Cameron Cox & Allison Anholt   (adult, Photo)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-70.  9 Sep 2018 - Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Davis Co., by Kathy & Joel Beyer  (adult)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-56.  19 Sep 2018 - Promontory Road, Box Elder Co., by Mia McPherson  (one,  Photo)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-47.  26 Sep 2018 - Brighton Drain, Salt Lake Co., by Neil Paprocki  (one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-57.  23 Oct 2018 - Fish Springs NWR, Juab Co., by Bryant Olsen  (one,  Photos)  1st round: 9-0


Hermit Warbler  (Setophaga occidentalis)  (8 / 16)
     2018-33.  10 Aug 2018 - Lava Point, Zion NP, Washington Co., by Mike Schijf  one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-34.  10 Aug 2018 -Pine Lake CG, Garfield Co.,   by Bryant Olsen  (adult male, Photos)  1st round: 9-0

     2018-35.  12 Aug 2018 - Hell's Backbone, Garfield Co.,   by Bryant Olsen  (2 Juveniles, Photos)  1st round: 9-0
     This species is being consider for removal from the Review List because of increased sightings in the state.


Pyrrhuloxia  (Cardinalis sinuatus)  (2 / 2)
2018-26.  22 May 2018 - Springdale, Washington Co., by Jennifer Golden   (adult male)  2nd round: 8-1  -- (The good description overcame the lack of a photo for this very rare sight record).


Varied Bunting  (Passerina versicolor)  (0 - 0)
     2018-12.  16 May 2017 - Fort Pearce Wash, Washington Co., by Maurice DeMille   (adult male)  2nd round: 3-6  -- (For a first state record, the committee generally holds records to a higher standard, as in this case, but it was a close call).


Dickcissel  (Spiza americana)  (2 / 5)
     2018-20.  16 May 2018 - Garr Ranch, Antelope Island, Davis Co., by Benjamin Byerly   (one, Photos)  1st round: 9-0


* The heading photo is of a Hooded Warbler by Mike Schijf  (Record2018-55)