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  Black-bellied Whistling-Duck      Found mainly in the south tip of Texas  

  Fulvous Whistling-Duck Utah Profile    Song    
  Taiga Bean Goose      Migrant through islands of western Alaska  
  Tundra Bean Goose    
  Pink-footed Goose      Vagrant, e coast of NA from Newfoundland to MD  
  Greater White-fronted Goose Utah Profile Song  
  Lesser White-fronted Goose      
  Graylag Goose      Vagrant to the northern part of the east coast of NA  

  Emperor Goose      West coast of Alaska & Aleutian Islands  
  Snow Goose Utah Profile Song  
  Ross's Goose Utah Profile Song  
  Brant Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Barnacle Goose      Rare, mainly in ne US & se Canada  
  Cackling Goose Utah Profile Song  
  Canada Goose Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Hawaiian Goose  (H)      Found on the Hawaiian islands of Kauai, Maui & Hawaii  
  Mute Swan      Found along the central Atlantic coast  
  Trumpeter Swan Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Tundra Swan Utah Profile Song, flock    
  Whooper Swan      Regular winter visitor in the Aleutians  
  Muscovy Duck      Central & no. part of South America  
  Mandarin Duck      Native to the east coast of Asia in the area of Japan  
  Wood Duck Utah Profile Song  
  Gadwall Utah Profile Song  
  Falcated Duck      Rare in Aleutians & Pribilofs & w coast of AK  
  Eurasian Wigeon Utah Profile Song  
  American Wigeon Utah Profile Song  
  American Black Duck Utah Profile Song  
  Mallard Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Mottled Duck      Mostly found along the se coast of the US  
  Eastern Spot-billed Duck      Vagrant to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska  
  Blue-winged Teal Utah Profile Song, #2  

  Cinnamon Teal

Utah Proflie Song  
  Northern Shoveler Utah Profile Song  
  White-cheeked Pintail      Accidental, mainly in the southern tip of Florida  
  Northern Pintail Utah Profile Song  
  Garganey Utah Profile Song  

  Baikal Teal      Along the west coast of North America  
  Green-winged Teal Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Canvasback Utah Profile Song  
  Redhead Utah Profile Song  
  Common Pochard      Vagrant in Aleutian Islands & coast of Alaska  
  Ring-necked Duck Utah Profile Song  
  Tufted Duck (unofficial in UT) Utah Profile Song  
  Greater Scaup Utah Profile Female  
  Lesser Scaup Utah Profile Song  
  Steller's Eider      West coasts of Alaska & in the Aleutian Islands  
  Spectacled Eider      Found along the west coasts of Alaska  
  King Eider      Along the coasts of Canada & Alaska  
  Common Eider      Along the coasts of Canada & the eastern United States  
  Harlequin Duck Utah Profile Song  
  Surf Scoter Utah Profile Song  
  White-winged Scoter Utah Profile Song  
  Black Scoter Utah Profile Song  
  Long-tailed Duck Utah Profile Song  
  Bufflehead Utah Profile Song  
  Common Goldeneye Utah Profile Song  

  Barrow's Goldeneye Utah Profile Song  
  Smew      A  rare visitor to the Aleutions Islands of Alaska  
  Hooded Merganser Utah Profile Song
  Common Merganser Utah Profile Song  
  Red-breasted Merganser Utah Profile Song  
  Masked Duck Rare along the TX coast & a vagrant in e US  
  Ruddy Duck Utah Profile    Song  



  Plain Chachalaca       Found in the southern tip of Texas  

  Mountain Quail   Oreortyx pictus  
  Scaled Quail Utah Profile   Song    
  California Quail Utah Profile Song  
  Gambel's Quail Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Northern Bobwhite   Utah Profile Song  
  Montezulma Quail     SE Arizona & parts of New Mexico & Texas  
  Chukar Utah Profile Song  
  Gray Francolin  (H)      Found on all of the main island of Hawaii  
  Black Francolin  (H)      On islands of Molokai, Maui, Lenai & Hawaii  
  Erckel's Francolin  (H)     Found on all of the main islands of Hawaii  
  Himalayan Snowcock      Found in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada  
  Gray Partridge Utah Profile Song  
  Falij Pheasant  (H)      Found on the "big island" in Hawaii  
  Ring-necked Pheasant Utah Profile Song
  Ruffed Grouse Utah Profile Song  
  Greater Sage-Grouse  (Sage Grouse) Utah Profile Song, Owyhee Mtns  
  Gunnison Sage-Grouse Utah Profile Song  
  Spruce Grouse       Found through most of Canada  
  Willow Ptarmigan       Mainly in Alaska & northern Canada  

  Rock Ptarmigan       Mainly in Alaska & northern Canada  
  White-tailed Ptarmigan Utah Profile Song  
  Dusky Grouse  (Blue Grouse) Utah Proflie  Song  
  Sooty Grouse  (Blue Grouse)      Found along the middle west coast of NA  
  Sharp-tailed Grouse Utah Profile Song  
  Greater Prairie-Chicken       From N. Dakota to Oklahoma  
  Lesser Prairie-Chicken       Around the Texas panhandle area  
  Wild Turkey Utah Profile Song  



  Red-throated Loon Utah Profile Song    
  Arctic Loon       Mainly along the west coast of Alaska  
  Pacific Loon Utah Profile Song  
  Common Loon Utah Profile Call, yodel  
  Yellow-billed Loon Utah Profile   Song  



  Least Grebe      Found mainly around the Texas panhandle area.  
  Pied-billed Grebe Utah Profile    Song      
  Horned Grebe Utah Profile Song  
  Red-necked Grebe Utah Profile Song  
  Eared Grebe Utah Profile Song  
  Western Grebe Utah Profile Song  
  Clark's Grebe Utah Profile Song  



  American Flamingo      Rare along the Gulf & East Coasts of the United States  
     Utah has a Chilean Flamingo -- we call Pink Floyd --  that visits the shores of the Great Sal Lake in the winter.  



  Yellow-nosed Albatross    
  Shy Albatross      Off the Pacific coast of the United States  
  Black-browed Albatross      Mainly off the Pacific coast of the United States  
  Light-mantled Albatross    
  Wandering Albatross      Mainly off the Pacific coast of the United States  
  Layson Albatross      Most abundant albatross in the north Pacific  
  Black-footed Albatross      Found mainly in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of NA.  
  Short-tailed Albatross      Found off the west coast of North America  
  Northern Fulmar      Seen mainly along the coasts of Canada and Alaska  






  Great-winged Petrel    
  Providence Petrel    
  Herald Petrel    
  Murphy's Petrel    
  Mottled Petrel    
  Bermuda Petrel    
  Black-capped Petrel    
  Hawaiian Petrel    
  Fea's Petrel    
  Cook's Petrel    
  Stejneger's Petrel    
  Bulwer's Petrel    
  White-chinned Petrel      Vagrant mainly along the coast of California  
  Streaked Shearwater      Vagrant mainly along the coasts of Oregon & California  
  Cory's Shearwater    
  Cape Verde Shearwater    
  Pink-footed Shearwater      Mainly off the west coast of the United States  
  Flesh-footed Shearwater      Mainly along the west coast of North America  
  Great Shearwater    
  Wedge-tailed Shearwater      Vagrant to the w coast of the US; breeds in Hawaii  
  Buller's Shearwater      Mainly along the west coast of the US & Canada  
  Sooty Shearwater      Mainly off the west coast of North America  
  Short-tailed Shearwater    
  Manx Shearwater      Found off the coast of NA from Newfoundland to NC  
  Townsend's Shearwater    
  Black-vented Shearwater      Seen mainly off the coast of California  
  Audubon's Shearwater    
  Barolo Shearwater    
  Wilson's Storm-Petrel    


  White-faced Storm-Petrel    
  European Storm-Petrel        
  Black-bellied Storm-Petrel    
  Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel      Mainly along the west coast of North America      
  Ringed Storm-Petrel    
  Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel        
  Leach's Storm-Petrel    
  Ashy Storm-Petrel      Mainly off the coast of California      
  Band-rumped Storm-Petrel    
  Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel        
  Black Storm-Petrel      Mainly off the coast of California  
  Tristram's Storm-Petrel        
  Least Storm-Petrel    



  White-tailed Tropicbird      Mainly along the east coast of the US and in Hawaii               
  Red-billed Tropicbird      Rarely seen off the coasts of the United States  
  Red-tailed Tropicbird      Off the West Coast of the United States & in Hawaii  



  Jabiru      Vagrant to Texas and Oklahoma  
  Wood Stork Utah Profile   Song  



  Magnificent Frigatebird Utah Profile    Song  

  Great Frigatebird      Mainly Monterey Bay area of CA & in Hawaii  
  Lesser Frigatebird      Found in Hawaii  
  Masked Booby      Rare along the s. half of the E & W Coasts & the Gulf Coast  
  Blue-footed Booby      Rare, mainly in southern CA & along the Gulf Coast  
  Brown Booby      Rare, mainly s coast of CA, Gulf & Atlantic coasts of US  
  Red-footed Booby      Rare, mainly along the California and Gulf coasts  
  Northern Gannet      Found mainly along the east coast of the US in winter  
  Brandt's Cormorant      Found along the west coat of North America  
  Neotropic Cormorant Utah Profile Song  
  Double-crested Cormorant Utah Profile Song  
  Great Cormorant      Rare, mainly along the East Coast of NA  
  Red-faced Cormorant      Found in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska  
  Pelagic Cormorant      Found mainly along the west coast of North America  
  Anhinga      Found mainly along the Gulf of Mexico and in Florida  




  American White Pelican Utah Profile Song        
  Brown Pelican Utah Profile     Song  

Bitterns, Herons & Egrets

  American Bittern Utah Profile     Song  
  Yellow Bittern      Vagrant to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska  
  Least Bittern Utah Profile Song  
  Bare-throated Tiger-Heron      Vagrant, mainly to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas  
  Great Blue Heron Utah Profile Song  
  Gray Heron      Vagrant on islands off the west coast of Alaska  
  Great Egret Utah Profile Song  
  Intermediate Egret      Vagrant to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska
  Chinese Egret
  Little Egret      Vagrant along E. Coast of NA from MD to Newfoundland
  Western Reef-Heron
  Snowy Egret Utah Profile Song
  Little Blue Heron Utah Profile Song  
  Tricolored Heron Utah Profile Song  
  Reddish Egret Utah Profile Song  
  Cattle Egret Utah Profile Song  
  Chinese Pond-Heron      Vagrant, mainly in the islands of Alaska  

  Green Heron Utah Profile Song  
  Black-crowned Night-Heron Utah Profile Song  
  Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Utah Profile Song  

Ibises & Spoonbills

  White Ibis  Utah Profile     Song
  Scarlet Ibis      Seen in southern Florida  
  Glossy Ibis Utah Profile Song  
  White-faced Ibis  Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Roseate Spoonbill Utah Profile Song  





  Black Vulture      Found mainly in the se US.  
  Turkey Vulture Utah Profile     Song  
  California Condor  (Introduced) Utah Pprofile Song  



  Osprey Utah Profile     Song                  

Hawks & Eagles


  Hook-billed Kite      Found in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas  

  Swallow-tailed Kite      Found along the southeastern coast of the United States  
  White-tailed Kite Utah Profile     Song  
  Snail Kite      Found mainly in Florida  
  Double-toothed Kite      Vagrant to the Gulf Coast of Texas    
  Mississippi Kite      Found mainly in the southeastern United States  
  Bald Eagle Utah Profile Song  
  White-tailed Eagle      Vagrant to the e coast of Canada & west islands of AK  
  Steller's Sea-Eagle      Vagrant to the Aleutian Islands & panhandle of Alaska  
  Northern Harrier Utah Profile Song  
  Sharp-shinned Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Cooper's Hawk Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Northern Goshawk Utah Profile Song  
  Crane Hawk      Seen in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas  
  Common Black-Hawk  Utah Profile Song  
  Harris's Hawk  (Unconfirmed) (none)    
  Red-shouldered Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Broad-winged Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Gray Hawk Utah Profile Song

  Short-tailed Hawk      Found mainly in Florida  
  Swainson's Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  White-tailed Hawk      Mostly south coastal area of Texas  
  Zone-tailed Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Hawaiian Hawk  (H)      Found mainly on the "big island" in Hawaii.    
  Red-tailed Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Ferruginous Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Rough-legged Hawk Utah Profile Song  
  Golden Eagle Utah Profile Song  



  Collared Forest-Falcon      
  Crested Caracara (none) Song  
  Eurasian Kestrel      Casual visitor to the islands of western Alaska  
  American Kestrel Utah Profile     Song    
  Red-footed Falcon      Vagrant, seen on Cape Cod, Massachusetts  
  Merlin Utah Profile Male  
  Eurasian Hobby      Vagrant mainly western Alaska  
  Aplomado Falcon      Mainly in west Texas and south New Mexico  
  Gyrfalcon Utah Profile Song  
  Peregrine Falcon Utah Profile Song  
  Prairie Falcon Utah Profile Song



  Yellow Rail   Coturnicops noveboracensis  

  Black Rail   Laterallus jamaicensis  
  Corn Crake      Vagrant to the east coast of North America  
  Clapper Rail      Mainly along the coasts of the US except nw.  
  King Rail      South and south east coast of the US  
  Virginia Rail Utah Profile     Song    
  Sora Utah Profile Song, calls  
  Paint-billed Crake      
  Spotted Rail      
  Purple Gallinule Utah Profile Song  
  Common Gallinule (C. Moorhen) Utah Profile Song  
  Eurasian Coot      Rare in Pribilof islands of AK & in Newfoundland & Labrador  
  Hawaiian Coot  (H)      Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands  
  American Coot Utah Profile Song, #2  
  Sungrebe      Accidental, one seen in Bosque del Apache, NM  
  Limpkin      Found mainly in Florida  
  Sandhill Crane Utah Profile Song  
  Common Crane      Rare, seen migrating with Sandhill Cranes  
  Whooping Crane      Winter in Alberta, Canada; summer in Texas  
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