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  Fulvous Whistling-Duck - Dendrocygna bicolor

Name Roots: (Gr. dendron, "a tree"; kyknos, "swan" - L. bi, "two"; color, "color")

In Utah:

Casual visitor to Utah. Only four credible sightings have been recorded up to 2007.
Sightings in Utah
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by Paul Higgins

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Feeds mainly at night eating seeds of grasses and weeds and waste grains from cultivated fields. Also feeds in shallow water.
  Not know to nest in Utah. Nests in dense beds of cattails or bulrushes along the coast of LA, TX and CA.
Habitat: Dense cattails of marshy ponds.
How to find: This is a tropical and subtropical species but has a huge and discontinuous world-wide range.  It could show up in Utah on occasion in its preferred habitat.

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Map of Sightings


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Sightings in Utah  

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