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 Gray Hawk - Buteo nitidus

Name Roots: (L. buteo, "a hawk" (probably like a European buzzard) - L. nitidus, "bright, shining")

In Utah: A Gray Hawk has been documented only once in Utah. This was near Gunlock Reservoir in Washington Co. in April of 2005.

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by Dave Rintoul

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characteristic behaviors:
Nests in woodlands laying 2 or3 eggs which are incubated for about 32 days.  The young fledge in about 30 days.
Habitat: Found in riparian woodlands.
How to find: This bird is found mainly in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico in the summer and year round in the "tip of Texas" (from Brownsville to Roma along the Rio Grande River)..

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Occur. (A)

 (Seen once on 30 Apr 2005 near Gunlock Reservoir in Washington Co.)

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Sightings in Utah  

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