Birding in
 Washington County

   Population: 177,556 (2018)
   Area: 2,427 sq.miles
   County Seat: St. George
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Popular Birding Places  (Alphabetical List)

    St. George / Washington /


     Northeast (I-15 corridor)

    East / Zion

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  Birding Organizations

  National Parks

  National Lands

  • Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness   | GORP |

  State Parks

  • Gunlock, 15 miles northwest of St. George   | Parks & Rec. |
  • Quail Creek, 11 miles northeast of St. George   | Parks & Rec. |  
  • Sand Hollow (Washington Co.) 7 m. east of St. George   Parks & Rec. |
  • Snow Canyon (Washington Co.) 7 m. north of St. George   Parks & Rec. |

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