Jordan River Parkway (System)

Jordan River Parkway - Murray Section    by Milt Moody    ©Milton G. Moody

The Jordan River runs between Utah Lake in the south to the Great Salt Lake in the north.  The Jordan River Parkway is a paved trail that follows the river for a good deal of its length and provides some excellent birding.  In Salt Lake County, there are several good access point to the parkway.  Here is a list of some of them with links to the specific directions to each:  (If you have information about other good access points, please fill out this internet form.

Summery: ~ Steve Carr
Jordan River Parkway – Numerous access sites along the river. Main parking sites are- 9400 South, Winchester Street (6400 South), Bullion Street (5750 South), 5300 South (access from 5400 South), Germania Park (access from 5400 South and go north), 4800 South, 3500 South, 700 North.

Birds: ~ Steve Carr
In winter – Common Goldeneyes, Buffleheads, Ruddy and Ring-necked ducks, Pied-billed Grebes, Mallards, and Wigeons. Song Sparrows, White-crowned, and periodically White-throated, American Tree, and Harris’s Sparrows. Hermit Thrushes all through the winter. Varied Thrush in January and Feb. 2007.
     In summer, herons, egrets, occasional bittern, Green Heron, numerous ducks, Western and Clark’s Grebes, orioles, yellowthroats, chats, MacGillivray’s Warbler.

     eBird Data:  | Rose ParkI80 to 2100 S | Glendale Golf Course | 2100 S to 3300 S  | 3300 S to 4500 S |
        | 4500 S to 5400 S | Mill Race Pond & Park | Willow Pond & Park | Winchester Park9000 S to 10000 S |
        | Sandy Fishing Pond | 10000 S to 10600 S | 10600 S to 11400 S | 11400 S to 12600 S |
        | 12600 S to Bangerter Hwy | Bangerter Hwy to 15600 S | Point of the Mountain |

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