Jordan River Parkway at Draper - Riverton

Banks of the Jordan River    by Leena Rogers    İLeena Rogers

Directions:   From Draper/Riverton Exit  of I-215 (Exit #291 -- 123rd South), go west about a mile and turn right (north) on the road before the Jordan River bridge (on the east side of the river).  Go several hundred feet to a parking lot. 
     You can also go across the river to 1300 West and turn south toward the Riverton Golf Course and turn into the Salt Lake South County Pool lot just before the golf course entrance.  A trail goes from there down the hill and across the footbridge.

Description:  A floodplain with wet meadows and riparian habitat.  On the eastern side seeps keep the squawbush and chokecherry areas wet year-round. 
   The trail going south passes under the main road to an extensive boardwalk area and then continues further south which is a  very good birding area for quite some distance.
   Near the parking lot area is a bridge that goes west across the river to a park area (provided by Riverton City) where there are restroom facilities.

Specialty Birds:  Wilson's Snipe, Bank Swallow, Common Yellowthroat, Yellow-breasted Chat,  and Savannah Sparrow.

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Bridge Between Parks    by Milt Moody    İMilton G. Moody