Utah Bird Profile
  Eurasian Collared-Dove - Streptopelia decaocto

Name Roots: (Gr. streptos, "Twisted" - decaocto, "?")

In Utah: A rare permanent resident in Utah that is spreading rapidly across the state since the first sighting in May of 2000.
Sightings in Utah
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Article by Tuula Rose

by Milt Moody

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Displays in flight by gliding with slightly down-curved wings and spread tail showing undertail markings. Flocks at grain stores and farmyards
Habitat: Found in parks, rural residential and farm areas.


How to find: Usual Places: Utah County

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Occur. (CP)

Year-round throughout the state

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Map of Sightings


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Sightings in Utah

(Updated to Mar 2004)

This species was
removed from the
Review List in Jul 2005,
 so sightings
will no longer be monitored.

Since the first official Utah sighting in May 2000, this species has rapidly increased and as of March 2007  it has been reported in every county.



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