Relative Abundance:

Common Uncommon Rare Occasional Irregular
Common - Found consistently in fair numbers in appropriate habitat and season
Uncommon - Found consistently in small numbers in appropriate habitat and season
Rare - Found infrequently but regularly in very small numbers in proper habitat and season
Occasional - Seldom found in the state and not reported annually
Irregular - Abundance varies greatly from year to year--may be common one year and absent the next


C.    Celtic
D.    Danish
E.    English
F.    French
Gr.  Classical Greek
HG. High German
I.     Italian
L.    Latin, Classical Latin
LL.  Low Latin (c. 200 AD to c. 1500 AD) 
ME. Middle English (c. 1200 AD to 1500 AC)
ML. Modern Latin
OE. Old English
S.    Swedish
Sp.  Spanish


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