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Wednesday, January 21st.

Meet at 7:00 PM in the Bean Museum Auditorium on the BYU Campus.
The program will be under the direction of Scott Root of the Division of Wildlife Resources. He and his associates will show a video and discuss Sage Grouse.


Saturday, January 24th
Saturday, February 14th

Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Orem Center Street Park and Ride.   Destinations TBA

Upcoming Field Trip

Where should UCB go for its next "Big Trip?" Here are some possibilities within a long day's drive:

·Northern California including a Monterrey Bay pelagic trip
·Southeastern Arizona
·Rio Grande River Valley, Texas (about a day and a half)
·Davis Mountains and Big Bend, Texas
·The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

In our next meeting, we will ask for your suggestions. Or you can email them to Ned Hill at


Field Trips- Bryan Shirley 491-4084
Programs- Robin Tuck 377-8084
President- Reed Stone  375-5281

(Read about the Utah County Birders' use of radios on field trips)

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