Utah County Birders
2018 Birder Challenge

The Challenge:

A challenge covering the state of Utah with Gold, Silver and Bronze performance levels .
Points will be awarded depending on the rarity of the birds seen in Utah during the year.

Medal Requirements:

Gold:   360 Points   & Attend 10 UCB Meetings or Fieldtrips
Silver:   275 Points   & Attend 6 UCB Meetings or Fieldtrips
Bronze:   200 Points   & Attend 4 UCB Meetings or Fieldtrips
Bonus Points:   Add 1 bonus point per life bird* up to 30 max.


Challenge Rules:

  1. *To get the lifer point, the species must be one you've never see before anywhere, inside or outside of Utah. It must be a true lifer.
  2. All species must be visually identified - heard only doesn't count for the contest.
  3. The contest is limited to species observed within the state of Utah during the 2018 calendar year.
  4. The field trip/meeting attendance requirement can only be satisfied by attending Utah County Birders club meetings and field trips. Other organizational meetings/trips don't count. If you need more, volunteer to lead a field trip and post the details of the field trip to the hotline and Facebook page.

See species point values and keep track of your points on a Printable PDF or a Spreadsheet that will calculate your points for you.  Links below.

Utah state bird list with points (PDF)
Spreadsheet with automatic point calculation  (xls)


E-mail: ucbirders@utahbirds.org

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