Hanna's Hummingbird Haven


2021 Update
Hanna, Utah

An update on this April 2021.

Pic is of one male here today.  (30 April 2021)

So far my hummers are starting late. I usually start seeing male broadtails about april 15 and by may 1 need10 heated feeders out. This year i only have 4 heated feeders out and it seems like i only have 3 or 4 male broadtails here. I sure hope they are just late and it will be a good hummingbird year. Last year the crazy upside down 2020 world ..hooray the hummers came .. bringing some normalcy to the world... I am glad to say.. I do think it It was a good hummingbird year. It had been a difficult year for me .. first of all because of panic ....I was unable to find the c and h CANE sugar that is required for my birds. I use a good 800+ lbs a season. The birds were coming and I had no cane sugar to be found. Finally , I was able to have a few friends and me to find a 10 lb. or 25 lb bag and of course limit one.. grab a bag for me. But I had troubles and did not have my supply of what I what needed for the season ..I still had a few visitor that read the article and came. .I am hoping hummingbirds will have a prosperous year this 2021 and my unique experience of being up close and hands on with hummers delight people again from all over the world….Though still because of covid……things have changed how we all look at things differently... we still social distance and wear masks just to be on the safe side.. due to variants and the unknowns..
I am still hoping this year maybe we can get the utah bander to come since last year we weren't able.... Looking forward to your visit and better years ahead of sharing and educating these unique creatures to the world.

      The Reids


   * Two slow-motion videos by Paul Hunsaker:  Video 1 Video 2


Summer 2015
Hanna, Utah

There's a place in Utah where all hummingbirds are welcome.  It's the mountain home of Dena & Jim Reid in Hanna, Utah.

Deck near the river in Hanna, Utah

They fill 30 feeders with 9 gallons of nectar a day. [See calculations below]

When hummingbirds have to wait, they buy a new feeder.
(The feeders have gradually gotten larger and more numerous).



Sometimes they "run into things"  and are injured,
but the are taken care of until they can fly.


Male Rufous Hummingbird, alone at a feeder -- imagine that!

Front Porch -- have you ever seen larger feeders?!

Visitors are welcome!

This year Dena & Jim Reid sent this message: (in case you find yourself on State Road 35 between Wolf Creek Pass and Tabiona).

17 May 2019

... Here is an update for 2019..The hummers arrived just a touch later this year.. which was good as we had still snow on the ground. It was a bad snow year and stayed way longer…. So then they came about April 21 this year and keep coming. I have made 10 heated feeders luckily this spring..as when they first came it was freezing here. I have been struggling the last few day...s as I only have 30 feeders out and each port seems to have a hummer on it. I am up to at least 3 gallons a day the last few days... I kinda let my heated feeders go.. as it had warmed up so…. but last night and today is windy and cold…Now I am taking a break from fixing those heated ones and getting them back up for tonight what I have…It is only 40 degrees and the hummers all seem to be in panic mode.The heated ones just help me from bringing so many in at night and back out at 5:30 in the morning so they don't freeze. My grosbeaks along with other species have all returned and are really using my suet and cake feeders…so my chickadees and juncos and stellar jays and all are like... hey we were here first.. I am worried about our river the next couple weeks.. we will see how much we flood…Better get back to fixing these and filling feeders ...I hope you have a great day and a great birding day.  ~ Dena

(Note: ."I need to remind people I do not have public restrooms available and that they need to visit the Hanna store at
mile post 37 for those necessities.…I do not let anyone inside our home. And the river at the moment is fast , strong, and cold dangerous…") 

Here's a view from above:

"It is just west of where you turn up north fork to go to defas or granddaddy lake. Just before
the bridge where the west fork and north fork meet to make the duchesne river."

Short Cut from SLC:  Take I-80 going east past Park City to the junction of US 40 (US 189) going toward Heber and Vernal.  Travel about 4 miles to UT 248 and go left (east) towards Kamas.  When you get to UT 32 (just south of Kamas) turn right and go a couple of mile to Francis.  At the main intersection take UT 35 which will go through Woodland, then over Wolf Creek Pass and down toward the Hummingbird Haven (at mile marker 31 3/4).

* Calculations:

   Enough Nectar to feed about 850 average-sized hummingbirds a day!
               (Orioles and other bird that might spill or drink some nectar not included)

 A hummingbird will drink about 12 time its body weight in nectar every day.  (saturation: 4 parts water to 1 part sugar)
     - Average Black-chinned Hummingbird weight = 3.2 gram  (assuming that this is an average hummingbird at the feeders)
     - Grams in 1 oz. of water =  28.3 grams
     - Ounces in 9 gallons of nectar = 1152 oz.
             12 x 3.2 = 38.4 grams of nectar per day per hummingbird
             38.4 grams ÷ 28.3 grams = 1.36 oz. of nectar consumed per day per hummingbird
             1152 oz. ÷ 1.36 oz./bird = 847 hummingbirds would consume 9 gallons of nectar per day

     Article with the above information: http://www.hummingbirds.net/hainsworth.html



All photos above are by Dena Reid     ©Dena Reid



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