Henefer Water Ttreatment Ponds -- Looking North Toward Rookery
by Dave Hanscom   ©Dave Hanscom (July 2013)

Nearby:   Echo,   Echo Reservoir,   Chalk Creek,   Rockport Reservoir

~ Information by Dave Hanscom

Directions:  Henefer is located along I-84, about 6 miles northwest of Echo Junction (the junction of I-80 and I-84).

Birding:  The Water Treatment Ponds are located on Main Street (SR 86) about a mile northwest of the East Canyon Road (SR 86) turn off in the middle of town.  Look for Wood Ducks, Franklin's and Bonaparte's Gulls, Blue-winged Teal, Eared Grebes and Great Blue Herons.  There is a rockery in the large dead tree to the north of the treatment ponds.

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In summer the treatment ponds are full of algae, in spring they're clear and full of birds.
by Dave Hanscom   ©Dave Hanscom (July 2013)

In the spring Bobolinks sometimes show up in a particular field west of town.  Take East Canyon Road (SR 65) from Main Street in the middle of town and go 0.2 miles to a parking lot just past an industrial building on the right side of the road.  Go to the northwest corner of the parking lot to look for Bobolinks which are usually on the fence posts.

"Bobolink Fields" West of Henefer     Staff Photographer   ©Utahbirds.org (2013)

Look for Bullock's Orioles in the trees around town during spring and summer.

In the winter look for Bald Eagles in the large cottonwood trees along the Weber River that parallels the freeway.


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