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 Veery - Catharus fuscescens

Name Roots: (Gr catharos, "pure" - L. fuscus, "dark"; -escens, "slightly")

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by Tim Avery

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characteristic behaviors:
Nests on the ground or in a shrub at a height of 0-6 (To 25) feet, in a cup nest. This species is a common cowbird host. During the breeding season, this species is an omnivore: ground and lower-canopy forager.
Habitat: Breeds in Utah in lowland riparian habitat.
How to find: Listed as a rare summer visitor this is a bird I have never seen in Utah County. The only place I have observed it is in the area below Deer Creek Dam on the Provo River. During migration it has been reported at the Garr Ranch on Antelope Island and also in the area of dam. It frequents willows and may be hard to observe. Best indication of its presence is its beautiful, downward spiraling song.

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