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 Ladder-backed Woodpecker - Picoides scalaris

Name Roots: (L. picus, "a woodpecker"; oides, "resembling" - scalaris, "ladder-like"; scals, "a flight of staris")

In Utah:  
by Paul Higgins

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characteristic behaviors:
Nests in a deciduous tree or in a agave at a height of 6-14 (3-30) feet, in a cavity nest. This species is not a cowbird host. During the breeding season, this species is an insectivore: bark gleaner; frugivore: lower-canopy gleaner; omnivore: ground gleaner. During the non-breeding seasons this species is a  insectivore: bark gleaner; frugivore: lower-canopy gleaner; omnivore: ground gleaner.
Habitat: Riparian woods
    Breeds in Utah in low desert scrub and lowland riparian habitats.
How to find:  This species is a fairly common permanent resident of desert plant communities in Washington County. This is another of the unique birds found in Utah’s Dixie. Generally this bird can be found in riparian woods (Beaver Dam Wash and Santa Clara Creek, i.e., Mathis Park and Tonaquint Park), but it also gets out into the Joshua tree forests on the Beaver Dam slope. During the winter I have found this woodpecker in orchards in Grafton and Rockville as well as in the cottonwood trees at a couple of the St. George golf courses. Lytle Ranch is one of the most consistent sites to find this species. ~ Merrill Webb

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