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  Juniper Titmouse - Baeolophus griseus

Name Roots: (L. bi, "two"; color, " "color - ML. griseus, "gray")

In Utah:   

by Kendall Brown

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characteristic behaviors:
Nests in a deciduous tree or in a snag at a height of 3-10 (To 32) feet, in a cavity nest. This species is not a cowbird host. This species is an omnivore: lower-canopy forager.
Habitat: Breeds in Utah in pinyon-juniper habitat.
How to find: Just like its title indicates this bird is a common inhabitant of the pinion-juniper forest, especially during the breeding season. In Utah County one of the most consistent sites for locating this species is out in the Tintic Mountains near the old ghost town of Dividend. During post-breeding dispersal it can be found feeding on cones or juniper berries in places such as Evergreen Cemetery in Springville, Red Hills Golf Course in St. George, or in suitable vegetation in residential areas. However, these incursions into lower elevations are more random and if one expects to find this bird it is better to visit the appropriate pinion-juniper habitat. I would discourage the use of taped recordings to attract this species; it does respond to spishing. ~ Merrill Webb

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