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  Hermit Thrush - Catharus guttatus

Name Roots: (Gr. catharos, "pure" - L. gutta, "a drop")

In Utah:   
by Paul Higgins

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characteristic behaviors:
Nests on the ground or in a tree at a height of 0-8 feet, in a cup nest. This species is a rare cowbird host. During the breeding season, this species is an insectivore: ground gleaner. During the non-breeding seasons this species is an omnivore: ground and lower-canopy forager.
Habitat: Breeds in Utah in sub-alpine conifer and mountain riparian habitats.
How to find: Listed as common summer and rare winter this bird is the most beautiful songster in the forest (my opinion). Best places to look (and to listen) for this species in central Utah are any of the forests containing a mixture of aspen, conifer and even oak. Since it is so widespread one would think it would be easy to see, but this isnít always the case because it is a denizen of the thick understory of the forest. When out in the woods just find a comfortable place to sit, locate the bird by its song and wait for it to move. This species can also be found during the winter, but again it prefers protection provided by thick vegetation. ~ Merrill Webb

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