Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2022-28
Golden-winged Warbler

Date first observed:  6 Jun 2022
Jeremy Ranch Road, Morgan


  • 5 Jun 2022 - John Neill   [Record #2022-28a] (Audio recordings), Kenny Frisch (Photo), Lauri Taylor, David Wheeler, Matt Pendleton (Photos), Darren Pendleton (Photos), Weston Smith, Bryant Olsen, Max Malmquist, Mike Malmquist,  Charles Hurd
  • 6 Jun 2022 - Ben Stradling  [Record #2022-28] (Photos, Audio), Beth Cottam, Angie Branch, Dave Hanscom, Rachel LeBlanc, Timothy Webster, Mary McGreal (Photos, audia), Weston Smith (Photos), Mike Hearell (Photo, audio), Tim Avery (Photos), Nate Brown, F Alvarez (Photos), Lauri Taylor (Photos), David Wheeler, James Hoffman

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1st round: 6 Jun 2022 9 acc
Completed: 7 Jul 2022 Accepted


Summary: Extensive documentation of this distinctive bird left no doubt about this sighting.
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