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Rec. # 2021-29
Ancient Murrelet

Date:  7 Jul 2021
Type of material:
 Information about the history of the specimen in the Museum
Source of Information: Michael Schijf

A couple of things to note about the Ancient Murrelet record, as I heard back from Debbie:

1. She is fine if we attach the screenshots to the record that I previously sent out to the committee.
2. I asked if she can provide any location details besides the vague information included in the record. In her initial reply this is what she said:
"Without my paperwork in front of me from back then, I do remember the bird was found in Utah County in a populated area.....Orem??? Maybe Provo???"
Then later she sent me this message:
"I take in wildlife from all over the state and in many cases, I'm never given that information from the agency that responded to the initial call [referring to precise location info]....that was the case with this bird. I believe the Animal Control officer told the people at the front desk that it was picked up in Orem. My volunteer was given no other information. This is how most of my calls go since I cover such a vast area in Utah. If it helps, the bird came into the North Utah Valley Animal Services (NUVAS)."

So, that doesn't exactly provide much clarity other than the fact this bird was apparently picked up in Orem. I suppose we could debate how it got to that location to begin with. Anyone want to contact North Utah Valley Animal Services to see if anyone there remembers any other details?
Maybe a long shot...

That's all I've got.

Mike S

Jul 8, 2021, Reply to Mark Stackhouses's inquiry to NUVAS (North Utah Valley Animal Services)


This injured bird was brought into our shelter by Orem City Animal Control at about 5:00 pm on October 30th. It was rescued from our shelter on October 31st by Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation. The address of the impound is listed as 63 North Orem Blvd. in Orem, Utah.

Hope that helps.

Jul 9, 2021,  Mark Stackhouses's  inquires at Orem City Animal Control

Hola amigos,

I ran to the end of what is possible with e-mail and online chat with Orem City Animal Control, and just spent a bit on the phone, bouncing around their dispatch and records department, and ultimately ended with leaving a voice mail with an employee of Animal Control.

But I did get this information:

The bird was brought into Orem City Animal Control by a private citizen who brought it in a cardboard box, and it was apparently injured. There is no information regarding where that person found the bird.

They put me in contact with the records person for Animal Control (where I left a message), to see if they could find the name and contact info for the person who turned in the bird. Iíll continue on the trail on Monday, but itís getting close to the end - weíll either have more answers, or be left with a cardboard box at Orem City Animal Control as the only known location for this record.

I did a quick review of eBird records for Ancient Murrelet in Utah and surrounding states, and found some useful information. The date of this record falls close to the middle of the range of dates for nearly every Ancient Murrelet record for NV, ID, UT, WY, and CO. All but one of the records fell between late September and early December, with most in November and October. There is one record from 3 Oct 2003 in Afton, Wyoming where a bird was found in the high school parking lot.

So the idea of someone finding this bird in or near Orem in late October is not without similar precedent in our region.

Iíll keep you posted if I find anything else.


Jul 12, 2021,  Mark Stackhouses's report on information from  Orem City Animal Control.

Hola amigos,

Iím pleased to say that I finally hit pay dirt on the Ancient Murrelet record. Officer Lopez of Orem City Animal Control was able to find the record from when the bird was turned in to their facility on October 30, 2019. The bird was found that same day, in the parking lot of a store in Payson. I couldnít understand the name of the store (our connection wasnít great), but I think thatís enough to establish a date and locality for this record.

Milt, perhaps you can change the date of the record to October 30, 2019, and the location to ďparking lot in Payson, UT.Ē

Now we can all vote in good conscience with proper information.

Hope youíre surviving the heat (we are, barely).







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