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Rec. # 2017-45
Scaled Quail

Date:  26 Jul 2017
Type of material:
 Inquiry about releases of Scaled Quail by the DWR
Source of Information: Bryant Olsen

Subject: Fw: Fw: Question about your Scaled Quail observation in eBird
Date: July 26, 2017

FYI, as the Scaled Quail record occurred in my eBird review area I have been in contact with the observer and dug up some info on Scaled Quail releases by the DWR, all were made near Bluff UT, none near Boulder, see below. This might help with establishing providence for this record. Please forward this info to other members of the UBRC if you see fit.

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From: Avery Cook
Date: July 25, 2017
Subject:  Question about your Scaled Quail observation in eBird


We released scaled quail in fall of 2014 and 2015 with birds translocated from Colorado, however those releases were both in the area around Bluff, in San Juan County. Some dispersed further than we expected (~10 miles), but I would be very surprised if any made it all the way to Garfield County.

We have observed some birds in the area around a release site as recently as March of this year indicating that we have had some reproduction in the introduced population, but again that is in SE San Juan County, and would probably not meet your "several generations" criteria.

Another possibility is that someone has raised and released some scaled quail. It is possible to purchase scaled quail eggs/chicks.

That is certainly an interesting observation though! I am curious to see if they are an established population. Looks like there is another observation from yesterday in the same area.



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