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Rec. # 2011-01
Iceland Gull

Date first observed:  8 Jan 2011
  Great Salt Lake South Shore Marina, Salt Lake Co.


  • 8 Jan 2011 - Carl Ingwell [Record #2011-01]
  • 15 Jan 2011 - Carl Ingwell [Record #2011-01a], Jeff Bilsky (Photos), Ryan O'Donnell (Photo), Craig Fosdick, Tim Avery, Mark Mossing, Steve and Cindy Sommerfield, David Wheeler, & others (on a GSLA field trip)

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1st round: 9 Jan 2011 4 acc, 3 not
2nd round: 13 Mar 2011 2 acc, 5 not
Completed: 16 Jul 2011 Not Accepted


A Thayer's Gull could not be adequately eliminated as a possibility in this very difficult ID.
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