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Unusual Sight Record
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2009-31
Cackling Goose

Date first observed:  19 Dec 2009
  Logan River Golf Course, Logan, Cache County


  • 19 Dec 2009 - Ryan O'Donnell,  [Record #2009-31]  (Photos), Ron Ryel and Andy

Sight Records:

Records Committee Review:



1st round: 21 Dec 2009 4 acc, 3 not
2nd round: 22 Feb 2010 5 acc, 4 not
2nd round: 22 Apr 2010 4 acc, 3 not
Completed: 24 Jun 2010 Not Accepted

Concerns about the possibilities of hybridization or other small geese species were stated. Although a simple majority of the Committee voted
to accept the record, it did not receive the required number of Yes votes (5 or more) required by the By-laws for it to be accepted.



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