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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2005-50
Red-breasted Sapsucker

Date first observed:  8 Nov 2005
  Sunbrook Golf Course, Woodbridge section, St. George, Washington Co.


  • 8 Nov 2005 - Patricia Richards [Record #2005-50]

Sight Records:

Records Committee Review:



Date Posted (1st round): 11 Nov 2005 5 acc, 2 not
Date Moved to 2nd Round: 25 Jan 2006 4 acc, 3 not
Date Moved to 3rd Round: 20 Mar 2006 4 acc, 3 not
Date Completed: 3 May 2006 Not accepted


Summary: The possibility that this bird was a hybrid could not be ruled out through three rounds of review; therefore the record was not accepted.


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