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Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2005-31(R92)
Red Phalarope

Date first observed: 30 May 1992
 Howard Slough WMA, Davis Co.

Background:  The original record was submitted in 1992, but was never reviewed by the Records Committee.


  • 30 May 2005 - Peter Paton [Record #2005-31(R92)]  Jack Dalton

Sight Records:

Records Committee Review:



Date Posted (1st round): 13 Sep 2005 2 acc, 5 not
Date Moved to 2nd Round: 3 Nov 2005 0 acc, 7 not
Date Completed: 28 Dec 2005 Not accepted


Summary: Because it would be very unexpected for a bird of this species to still be in basic plumage on the sighting date would be very unexpected and because the description contains details that don't quite fit Red Phalarope, the committee was not able to accept this record.


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