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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2002-02
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Date first observed:  8 and 9 May 1996
 .5 miles N. of Burriston Ponds, Juab County


  • 8 May 1996 - Darren Shirley [Record #2002-02] , Will Richards, Ned Hill, Robert Herbert, Matt & Pia DeVries
  • 9 May 1996 - Ned Hill (Photos), Darren Shirley, Will Richards

Sighting Records:

Records Committee Review:



Date Posted (1st round): January 2002 7 Acc, 0 Not
Date Completed: 21 Sep 2002 Accepted

Summary: This first record for the state, with two enlarged photographs and convincing notes was officially accepted in 2002 although because of the good photos it was known to be a good sighting immediately in May of 1996.  (The original sight record was found in May of 2005 and added to the already reviewed record made from notes of the sighting and presented to the records committee in January of 2002).



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