Click on a face and see how they looked when they graduated from High School.
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Photo used compliments of Melanie Paxton Photography                                                                          

Left to Right:

Top Row: Doug Erickson, John Davis, Terry Caras, Paul Smith, Ernest Walker, Dwight Daniels, Reed Nelson, Kent Money, Bryan Jex, Dennis Paxman, Rodney Dart, Richard Orton, Steven Isaac, Jim (James) Brinkerhoff, Frank (Bub) Kanig,
Greg Christensen, John (Cooper) Jex, Richard Huff.

3rd Row: Michael Bellows, Rick Thomas, Bruce Hawkins, Sherry Lin Warner Davis, Judy Kay Romero Watkins, Kurt Lloyd, Colleen Dunn Healey, Sally Thomas Nelson, Carolyn Curtis Hutchings, Marilyn Clark Sorenson, Milton Moody,
Janet Anderson Holdaway, Ida Kay Snell Slaymaker, Lacy Christensen Reynolds, Larry Hathaway, Cecelia Carlson Hicks, Robert Wilson, Paul Nelson, Duane Koyle, Jínet Hughes Johnson, Frank Leifson, Duane Ludlow, Sheila Hawkins Moss,
Carma Lindstrom Wood, Susan Amstad Huff, Julie Christensen Garcia, Marilyn Bauer Jeppson, Diane Gull Tuckett, Marsha Judd Mills.

2nd Row: Phillip Proctor, Steven Cloward, Ronald Hatfield, Elaine Mckell Schaugaard, Rinda Blad Christensen, DeAnn Hansen Searle, Della Mae Peterson Burke, Lois Mae Thompson, Penny Morrell, Nellie Cope Golding,
Judy Memmott Johnston, Patty Swenson Baadsgaard, Tamara Lasson Voorhees, La Rayne Baum Arnaldson, Julie Bliss Hammons, Joyce Young Lathe, Ann West Davis, Pat Andrus Christiansen, Clark Olsen.

Front Row: Reed Carlson, Elaine Christensen Cloward, Morgan Warner, Joylyn Tanner Johnson, Renee Smith Knapp, Bonnie Brown Bingham, Garry Briggs, Marie Tuttle, Dennis Bradford, Nolan Hill, Ronald Dunn, Arlene Lowe Mills,
Elsie Charles Snell, Danny Gull, Judy Darling Kaas


Junior High Photo
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