Utah Bird Report for 11/12/2001
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Pacific Loon  Cache Co., Wasatch Co. 
Great Egret  Box Elder Co. 
Tundra Swan  Box Elder Co. 
Long-tailed Duck  Davis Co. 
Surf Scoter  Box Elder Co., Davis Co. 
White-winged Scoter  Cache Co. 
Barrow's Goldeneye  Cache Co. 
Rough-legged Hawk  Box Elder Co., Davis Co., Salt Lake Co. 
Merlin  Cache Co., Davis Co., San Juan Co., Tooele Co. 
Gray Partridge  Cache Co. 
Ruffed Grouse  Salt Lake Co. o.
Black-necked Stilt  Salt Lake Co. 
Dunlin  Davis Co. 
Bonaparte's Gull  Davis Co. 
Bewick's Wren  Davis Co. 
White-throated Sparrow  Salt Lake Co. 
Harris's Sparrow  Utah Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


A female SURF SCOTER was seen at Mantua Reservoir on Saturday, 11/03 (J&KB).

On Saturday, 11/10, a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was seen at Compton Knoll, an overlook on the south side of Salt Creek WMA, and about 200 TUNDRA SWANS were seen in the "waterfowl rest area" of the Public Shooting Grounds west of Corrine. That same day, two GREAT EGRETS were seen on the south side of SR 83 near the entrance to the Public Shooting Grounds (JM).


A BLACK SCOTER continues to be seen at Hyrum Reservoir, with reports from Saturday, 11/03 (J&KB), Saturday, 11/10 (CG,v.o.), and Sunday, 11/11 (DG).

Other birds which have been seen at Hyrum Reservoir recently include PACIFIC LOON, seen on Saturday, 11/03 (BD) and Saturday, 11/10 (CG,v.o.), and WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, with three females seen on Saturday, 11/03 (J&KB,BD), and two seen on Saturday, 11/10 (CG,v.o.).

In spite of very low water at the pond at First Dam in Logan, two BARROW'S GOLDENEYES were seen there on Saturday, 11/10 (CG,v.o.).

A MERLIN was seen on the west side of US 91 just southwest of Smithfield on Saturday, 11/03 (BD).

A flock of GRAY PARTIDGE was seen in the Avon Cemetery on Saturday, 11/03 (BD). It was suggested that birders stay in their car and look into the cemetery from the brick entranceway to avoid spooking the partridge.


Three DUNLIN were seen amongst other sandpipers at FBWMA on Sunday, 11/11 (DG). They were along the road heading west from the south end of the west dike road. Also seen FBWMA on Sunday, 11/11, were a MERLIN and a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK.

Birds reported from the AIC included a female SURF SCOTER, seen on Friday, 11/02 at mile marker 1 (J&KB), Saturday, 11/03 at mile marker 2 (BB), and again on Sunday 11/11 near the last bend before the island (DG,LS). A LONG-TAILED DUCK was seen at mile marker 1 on the AIC on Saturday, 11/03 (TJ).

Two BEWICK'S WRENS were seen at Ladyfinger Point on Antelope Island on Friday, 11/02 (J&KB).

At FBWMA, about 50 BONAPARTE'S GULLS were seen along the west dike road on Friday, 11/02 (J&KB).


A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW has been coming to a feeder in the Sugar House area. It was first seen on Friday, 11/02, and was seen again on Tuesday, 11/06 and Thursday, 11/08 (MS). It was of the tan-striped form. Call 487-9453 if you wish to try to see this bird.

Another unusual sighting in the Sugar House area was the appearance of a RUFFED GROUSE in a yard just east of 1300 South and 1300 East on Thursday, 11/08 (TG).

On Saturday, 11/10, a late BLACK-NECKED STILT was seen at the marina at the Great Salt Lake SP, and a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was seen near Copperton (KC,EH).


A MERLIN was seen at Recapture Reservoir between Monticello and Blanding on Monday, 11/05 (MS,LW).


Another MERLIN was seen at the corner of Bryan Road (4400 North) and SR 36, north of Tooele, on Saturday, 11/10 (KC,EH).


A first-winter HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen along the Jordan/Provo River Parkway north of the Utah Lake SP marina on Monday, 11/05 (KC,EH). It was near the Osprey nesting platforms.


The PACIFIC LOON at Deer Creek Reservoir continues to be seen, with a report from Sunday, 11/04 (TR). It was seen 1.6 miles southwest of the Charleston turnoff.

Observers: J&KB=Joel & Kathy Beyer, BB=Bob Bradley, KC=K.C. Childs, BD=Bryan Dixon, TG=Tyler Gerritson, DG=Dana Green, CG=Carol Gwynn, EH=Eric Huish, TJ=Tony Jones, JM=Jim McIntyre, TR=Tuula Rose, LS=Lee Shirley, MS=Mark Stackhouse, LW=Larene Wyss

Abbreviations used:

AIC = Antelope Island Causeway 
FBWMA = Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area 
SP = State Park 
SR = State Route 
v.o. = various observers 
WMA = Waterfowl Management Area

Please report your sightings by calling the Utah Birdline at: (801) 538-4730 or by e-mail to westwings@sisna.com

You may e-mail questions and comments to westwings@sisna.com or you may call (801) 487-9453.