Utah Bird Report for 2/17/2001
Submitted by Kathy Beyer to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Horned Grebe   Washington Co.
Greater White-fronted Goose   Tooele Co.
Wood Duck  Utah Co. 
Hooded Merganser  Davis Co., Utah Co. 
American Avocet  Salt Lake Co. 
Thayer's Gull  Davis Co. 
Glaucous Gull  Davis Co. 
Yellow-rumped Warbler  Tooele Co. 
Green-tailed Towhee   Salt Lake Co.
White-throated Sparrow  Uintah Co. 
Harris's Sparrow  Uintah Co., Utah Co. 
Golden-crowned Sparrow  Washington Co.


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Compiler: Kathy Beyer
Transcriber: Kathy Beyer


At least one pair of HOODED MERGANSERS that have been seen at the Kaysville ponds was still there through Saturday, 2/10 (m.ob.). These birds have been seen in the northern-most of the three ponds along I-15 at Kaysville. To access the area use Exit 331.

At Farmington Bay WMA, on Sunday, 2/4, was a first winter GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL. This bird was sighted in a group of mixed gulls in the small pond where the dike turns west. Also at the WMA on Sunday, 2/11, were several first winter THAYER'S GULLS as well as an adult GLAUCOUS GULL (C&TN).


On Sunday, 2/4, a group of 20 AMERICAN AVOCETS were seen along the road to the Great Salt Lake SP Marina (BR). These birds were feeding along the shoreline of the lake just west of Saltair.

A GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE reappeared briefly at a feeder at the Veranth residence in Holladay on Saturday, 2/3 (MV). The bird was originally seen two weeks prior to that at the same location.


A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was spotted along SR36 on Saturday, 2/10 (C&JF). The bird was seen just south of Rush Lake.

At Stansbury Park, a YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER was sighted near the pond on Sunday, 2/4 (BR).


Both a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW and a HARRIS'S SPARROW were being seen regularly at a feeder at the Brunson home in Vernal as of Saturday, 2/3 (RB). Anyone who wishes to visit to look for these birds is welcome.


The WOOD DUCKS which were seen at 2710 West 220 North in Provo were still there as of Tuesday, 2/13. The birds have been reported at this location since 1/22 (m.ob.).

Two male HOODED MERGANSERS were seen near the Provo airport on Sunday, 2/11. The birds were reported at the "southern end of the Provo airport" (E&JC), and also "in Utah Lake around the East Bay area off the dike (SB).

An immature HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen in Palmyra, northwest of Spanish Fork, on Thursday, 2/8 (DS). The bird was seen feeding on the ground with a mixed flock of sparrows, across from the only house in the area, just east of the intersection of 4600 South and Palmyra Drive. Palmyra Drive is the road that heads east from the only intersection between Swede Lane and River Lane. This bird was seen again on Sunday, 2/11 (E&JC) and on Tuesday, 2/13 (EH) in the same vicinity.


On Saturday, 2/17, a winter plumage HORNED GREBE was sighted at Quail Creek Reservoir (MW).

An adult male ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD was seen on Saturday, 2/10 (S&PS), and again on Saturday, 2/17 (MW) at the Red Cliffs Recreation Site Campground near Leeds. Look along the trail after crossing the first big wash. It was in the treetops within the first 100 yards of the trail. Also, the GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW which was sighted last month at Red Cliffs Campground was seen again on Friday, 2/9 (CN). The bird was about 15 to 20 feet west of the fee station between the road and the picnic area.

Observers: SB=Steven Brereton, RB=Ron Brunson, E&JC=Ed & Joseph Conrad, C&JF=Craig & Janet Finlayson, EH=Eric Huish, C&TN=Colby & Tom Neuman, CN=Carol Nelson, BR= Bruce Robinson, DS=Dennis Shirley, S&PS=Steve & Priscilla Summers, MV=Martha Veranth, MW=Merrill Webb

Abbreviations used:

m.ob. = many observers SP = State Park SR = State Route WMA = Waterfowl Management Area

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, February 17, 2001.

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