Utah Bird Report for 8/25/2000
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net


Birds mentioned

Wood Duck   Wasatch Co.
Barrow's Goldeneye  Box Elder Co. 
ZONE-TAILED HAWK  Washington Co.
Semipalmated Plover   Utah Co.
Pectoral Sandpiper.  Box Elder Co., Davis Co.
Black Swift   Duchesne Co.
VAUX'S SWIFT  Washington Co.
Eastern Kingbird   Davis Co.
Purple Martin  Utah Co. 
Townsend's Warbler .  Davis Co., Salt Lake Co.
HERMIT WARBLER   Washington Co.
Common Grackle  Salt Lake Co.


Utah Birdline
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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


At BRMBR, a PECTORAL SANDPIPER was seen on Sunday, August 13. A possible female BARROW'S GOLDENEYE was also seen at the refuge on the same day (LC,LW).


A winter-plumage RUDDY TURNSTONE was seen at the west end of the marina parking area at Antelope Island SP on Saturday, 08/19 (C&MSo).

At the Garr Ranch at Antelope Island SP, a TOWNSEND'S WARBLER was seen on Saturday, 08/19 (C&MSo).

A PECTORAL SANDPIPER was seen at the pond at the west end of Glover Lane, about one mile west of the entrance to Farmington Bay WMA, on Sunday, 08/13 (LC,LW).

Several EASTERN KINGBIRDS were seen at the parking lot by the south entrance to Farmington Bay WMA on Wednesday, 08/16 (SC).


Eight BLACK SWIFTS were seen flying over Naturalist Basin on Saturday, 08/12 (M&MSm).


At least 5 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS were amongst a mixed warbler flock along the Lake Solitude trail near Brighton on Monday, 08/14 (A&AM). The birds were about 1/4 mile above Silver Lake along the trail.

A COMMON GRACKLE was reported in a yard near the JRP in Murray on Friday and Saturday, 08/11-12 (TS).


A few PURPLE MARTINS were seen flying over the Provo River, just west of Geneva Road, on Friday, 08/12 (RS).

Ten SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS were seen at Lincoln Point, on the south shore of Utah Lake, on Friday, 08/12 (RS).


Three WOOD DUCKS were seen at the BoRec mitigation area below Jordanelle Dam on Sunday, 08/13 (M&MSm).


A ZONE-TAILED HAWK was seen along the road to the Pine Park CG, west of Enterprise, on Wednesday, 08/16 (TS). The bird was seen about 1 1/2 miles before the campground, near the large white sign, and just before the road begins its descent to the CG. This is the same area where Zone-tailed Hawks were seen last year.

A HERMIT WARBLER was seen in the Pine Park CG on Saturday, 08/12 (JK,SS).

A VAUX'S SWIFT was seen flying over the north end of Quail Creek Reservoir on Saturday, 08/19 (RF).

Observers: LC=Lyn Christiansen, SC=Steve Coleman, RF=Rick Fridell, JK=Josh Kreitzer, A&AM=Alan & Ann Miller, TS=Terry Sadler, M&MSm=Margaret & Mike Smith, C&MSo=Carolyn & Mort Somer, RS=Reed Stone, SS=Steve Summers, LW=Larene Wyss

Abbreviations used:

BRMBR = Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge BoRec = Bureau of Reclamation CG = campground JRP = Jordan River Parkway SP = State Park WMA = Waterfowl Management Area

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, April 15, 2000.

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