Utah Bird Report for 12/14/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Great Egret Juab Co.
"Bewick's" Swan Box Elder Co.
Ross's Goose Juab Co.
Greater Scaup Washington Co.
Hooded Merganser Box Elder Co., Washington Co.
Merlin Davis Co.
Barn Owl Davis Co.
Northern Mockingbird Davis Co.
HARRIS'S SPARROW Juab Co., Salt Lake Co., Weber Co.


Utah Birdline
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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


A "BEWICK'S" SWAN was seen among the Tundra Swans at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, as reported on Monday, 12/13 (HT). Refuge staff reports that this is the second sighting of the Bewick's sub-species of Tundra Swan at the refuge this fall.

Large numbers of HOODED MERGANSERS continue to be seen at Willard Bay, with at least 10 seen on Sunday, 12/12 (BS,MS).

DAVIS COUNTY A MERLIN was seen at Farmington Bay WMA on Sunday, 12/12 (CG). The bird was in the trees across the entrance road from the maintenance buildings.

At the Antelope Island Causeway, a BARN OWL was seen flying at mid-day near the causeway entrance on Sunday, 12/12. On the same day, the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD, which was reported last week, was seen at the marina at Antelope Island (BS,MS).

JUAB COUNTY A HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen coming to a feeder at the office of Fish Springs NWR on Monday, 12/13 (JB).

Other birds seen recently at Fish Springs NWR include a ROSS'S GOOSE, which was seen at least through Thursday, 12/09, and two GREAT EGRETS, including one which was seen on Monday, 12/13 (JB).

IRON COUNTY A RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was seen in Cedar Valley west of Cedar City on Monday, 12/13 (PS). It was seen about 1/4 mile north of the intersection of 4100 West and 2800 North, close to where one was seen in December of last year. This is the tenth reported sighting of Red-shouldered Hawk in Utah.

SALT LAKE COUNTY A HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen coming to a feeder near the Jordan River Parkway in Murray on Saturday, 12/11 (TS).

WEBER COUNTY Another HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen at a feeder in Pleasant View on Sunday, 12/12 (IP). The feeder is located on 900 West, at the first house on the left, after the gate, as you head north on 900 West.

WASHINGTON COUNTY At Quail Creek Reservoir, several HOODED MERGANSERS were seen on Saturday, 12/11. That same day, a female GREATER SCAUP was seen at the Hurricane sewage treatment ponds (JK).

December 16: Kanab; Harry Barber; (435) 644-2666
December 17: Cedar City; Steve Hedges; (435) 586-2401
December 18: Logan; Keith Archibald; (435) 752-8258
Ogden; John Bellmon; (801) 444-3704
Provo; Merrill Webb; (801) 224-6113
Silver Reef; Marilyn Davis; (435) 673-0996
December 19: Salt Lake City; Mark Stackhouse; (801) 486-2221
December 20: Escalante; Marilyn Davis; (435) 673-0996
December 26: Heber City; Randy Cox; (435) 654-3030
December 27: Zion National Park; Marilyn Davis; (435) 673-0996
December 28: St. George; Charlie Sheard; (435) 879-2210
January 1: Jordan River; Jeanne LeBer; (801) 532-7384
January 2: Fish Springs NWR; Jay Banta; (801) 522-5353

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Tuesday, December 14, 1999.

Observers: JB=Jay Banta, CG=Carol Gwynn, JK=Josh Kreitzer, IP=Ingrid Paine, TS=Terry Sadler, BS=Bethany Stackhouse, MS=Mark Stackhouse, PS=Priscilla Summers, HT=Heidi Tangerman

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