Utah Bird Report for 12/1/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Barrow's Goldeneye Cache Co.
Hooded Merganser Box Elder Co., Utah Co., Washington Co.
Peregrine Falcon Davis Co.
Herring Gull Salt Lake Co.
Greater Roadrunner (albino) Washington Co.
Lewis's Woodpecker San Juan Co.
Chilean Flamingo (escapee) Salt Lake Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


At least one, and possibly three PACIFIC LOONS were seen at Willard Bay on Tuesday, 11/23 (MS). All three birds were in the south end of the reservoir, about one mile west of the south marina. One of the loons was close enough to the shore to be positively identified, but the other two were too far away to allow a certain identification, although they appeared to also be Pacific Loons.

Also at Willard Bay on Tuesday, 11/23, a female HOODED MERGANSER was seen at the north end of the reservoir (MS).

Another female HOODED MERGANSER was seen at the southeast corner of the auto-tour loop at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge on Friday, 11/26 (CG).

CACHE COUNTY BARROW'S GOLDENEYES have been at first dam at the mouth of Logan Canyon for the past month, as reported on Monday, 11/29 (JB).

DAVIS COUNTY A PEREGRINE FALCON was seen at the Layton Marsh on Thursday, 11/25 (JB,KO).

MORGAN COUNTY A HARRIS'S SPARROW has been seen at the Morgan Wastewater Treatment Plant, as reported on Sunday, 11/21 (VAS). This may be the same individual which spent the winter there last year.

SALT LAKE COUNTY An adult HERRING GULL was seen along the south shore of the Great Salt Lake between Saltair and the marina on Wednesday, 12/01 (MS).

The CHILEAN FLAMINGO, which escaped from Tracy Aviary eleven years ago, has returned to Saltair, where it has spent every winter. The bird, nicknamed "Pink Floyd," was seen on Wednesday, 12/01, just east of Saltair (MS).

SAN JUAN COUNTY Over 20 LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS were seen along a county road east of Monticello, as reported on Monday, 11/29 (TB). The birds were seen along CR 335, which goes east from US 666 at the KOA campground east of Monticello.

UTAH COUNTY A female HOODED MERGANSER was seen on Salem Pond on Tuesday, 11/23 (RS,TW).

WASHINGTON COUNTY An apparently albino GREATER ROADRUNNER has been seen in the RV park near the upper end of Quail Creek Reservoir, as reported on Wednesday, 12/01 (MD). Three HOODED MERGANSERS, one male and two females, were seen at Gunlock Reservoir on Sunday, 11/28 (MS).

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Wednesday, December 1, 1999.

Observers: JB=Jared Barnes, TB=Todd Black, MD=Marilyn Davis, CG=Carol Gwynn, KO=Ken Olson, VAS=V. Arnold Smith, MS=Mark Stackhouse, RS=Reed Stone, TW=Tom Williams

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