Utah Bird Report for 6/4/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Green Heron Utah Co.
Surf Scoter Beaver Co.
Band-tailed Pigeon Salt Lake Co.
VAUX'S SWIFT Washington Co.
Eastern Kingbird Beaver Co., Utah Co.
Phainopepla Wayne Co.
Summer Tanager Garfield Co.
Black-throated Sparrow Davis Co.
Bobolink Cache Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


The MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD which was seen at Minersville Reservoir on Wednesday, 05/26, has been seen and photographed by many birders over the past week. However, there has not been a confirmed sighting since it was seen on Wednesday, 06/02 (MS,YS,LW). The juvenile-plumaged bird was mostly seen along the south shore, east of the state park boat dock, in an area of flooded cottonwoods. This is the first record of frigatebird in Utah.

In a Utah version of "the Patagonia Rest Area effect," a couple of other good birds were reported from near Minersville Reservoir this week. On Monday, 05/31, a SURF SCOTER was seen on the smaller of two ponds on the south side of the road to Minersville Reservoir about 7 miles west of Beaver, and an EASTERN KINGBIRD was seen at the reservoir (DA). An Eastern Kingbird was also seen at the reservoir on Friday, 06/04 (GW, m.ob.).

CACHE COUNTY Four male and one female BOBOLINK were seen along 600 South west of Logan on Thursday, 05/27. The birds were just east of the eastern-most river crossing (C&SA).

DAVIS COUNTY A BLACK-THROATED SPARROW was seen near Ladyfinger Point at the north end of Antelope Island on Monday, 05/31 (C&MSo).

GARFIELD COUNTY A male SUMMER TANAGER was seen along the Escalante River on Monday, 05/31. The bird was about 1/2 mile south of the Escalante River bridge about 1 mile south of Calf Creek Recreation Area (MV).

SALT LAKE COUNTY BAND-TAILED PIGEONS may be increasing in Salt Lake County. A group of up to ten Band-tailed Pigeons has been visiting a feeder in Holladay every day since Sunday, 05/23 (DO). The only other regular sightings of Band-tailed Pigeons in recent years in the Salt Lake City area are from the Olympus Cove neighborhood.

TOOELE COUNTY An possible LEAST TERN was reported from the pond on the south side of I-80, 2.9 miles west of the Tooele exit on Friday, 06/04. Another Least Tern was reported flying over the Timpe Springs WMA on the same day (AC).

UINTAH COUNTY A LEAST BITTERN was seen at Ouray NWR on Monday, 05/31. It was seen in the same area where Least Bitterns have been seen every year since 1996, in the first pond on the west side of the road south of the observation tower on the auto-tour loop (J&KB).

UTAH COUNTY About five CLAY-COLORED SPARROWS were seen on the west side of the dike at the Provo Airport on Friday, 05/28 (DS). Two Clay-colored Sparrows were seen in the same area, near the pump house, on Sunday, 05/30 (J&KB).

On Wednesday, 05/26, a GREEN HERON was seen on the southeast shore of Goshen Bay on Utah Lake. On the same day, an EASTERN KINGBIRD was seen just north of Goshen (BM).

WASHINGTON COUNTY Several VAUX'S SWIFTS were seen flying over Washington High School in Washington on Thursday, 06/03 (JK).

WAYNE COUNTY A PHAINOPEPLA was seen in Poison Springs Wash, about 15 miles southeast of Hanksville, during the week of 05/23 to 05/30 (BO).

WEBER COUNTY A VARIED THRUSH was seen along the road from Huntsville to Monte Cristo on Friday, 06/04. It was sitting on a fencepost next to the road about 10 miles from Huntsville (DD).

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Friday, June 4, 1999.

Observers: DA=David Allen (of NV); C&SA=Cal & Sharon Andrus; J&KB=Joel & Kathy Beyer; AC=Alan Condie; DD=David Deutch; JK=Josh Kreitzer; BM=Brian Maxfield; DO=Deedee O'Brien; BO=Bryant Olsen; DS=Dennis Shirley; C&MSo=Carolyn & Mort Somer; MS=Mark Stackhouse; YS=Yvonne Stroup; MV=Martha Veranth; GW=Glen Warchol; LW=Larene Wyss

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