Utah Bird Report for 4/6/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Common Loon Wasatch Co.
Horned Grebe Juab Co.
Turkey Vulture Salt Lake Co.
Blue-winged Teal Wasatch Co.
Red-breasted Merganser Juab Co., Millard Co., Wasatch Co.
Osprey Cache Co., Wasatch Co.
Common Black-Hawk Washington Co.
Swainson's Hawk Cache Co.
Merlin Cache Co.
Peregrine Falcon Juab Co.
Common Moorhen Washington Co.
Vermilion Flycatcher Washington Co.
Black-throated Sparrow Wasatch Co.
Grasshopper Sparrow Wasatch Co.
Fox Sparrow Wasatch Co.
Hooded Oriole Washington Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse

CACHE COUNTY The BOREAL OWL, which was heard by a group of cross-country skiers near Franklin Basin in upper Logan Canyon on Friday, 03/26, has been found again and possitively identified. It was seen and photographed on Saturday, 04/03, in the upper reaches of the Hell's Kitchen drainage (BM), and was heard calling from 9:15 pm to 10:30 pm on Sunday, 04/04 (RR). The status and distribution of Boreal Owls in Utah is poorly understood, and because they may be of marginal occurrence in the state, birders should use caution to avoid excessive disturbance of the birds.

A EURASIAN WIGEON was seen at the oxbow on the Bear River near Benson on Saturday, 03/27 (RDA).

The VARIED THRUSH, which has been seen in several yards at the west end of Sunset Drive in Logan, just north of the Logan Country Club, was seen again on Thursday, 03/25 (JB).

Other birds seen in Cache Valley include an OSPREY seen at Hyrum Reservoir, on Tuesday, 03/30, a MERLIN near Paradise on Saturday, 04/03, and a SWAINSON's HAWK near Hyrum, also on Saturday, 04/03 (TB).

JUAB COUNTY Two HORNED GREBES were seen near the dam at Mona Reservoir, and about 50 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen at the south end of the reservoir on Sunday, 04/04 (DS). On Monday, 04/05, one Horned Grebe and two PEREGRINE FALCONS were seen at Mona Reservoir (MM).

MILLARD COUNTY About 200 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen at DMAD Reservoir northeast of Delta on Sunday, 03/28 (DA).

SALT LAKE COUNTY TURKEY VULTURES have returned in numbers to the Salt Lake area. Two groups of vultures were seen on Sunday, 04/04, one along the Jordan River at 106th South, and the other at the roosting place at Knudsen's Corner in Holladay (BW).

UTAH COUNTY A SUMMER TANAGER was seen coming to a suet feeder in Provo on Saturday, 04/03. The feeder is located across the street from Rock Canyon Elementary School at 500 East and 2300 North (MMon,MW).

A GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was seen at the oxbow along the Provo River Parkway on Thursday, 03/25 (DS). The oxbow area is about 1 mile upstream from the mouth of the river.

A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW continues to be a regular visitor to a feeder near 930 East and 2780 North in Provo (MM). It was reported from Sunday, 03/28 (JVM), and Friday, 04/02 (MS,DW).

WASATCH COUNTY A GRASSHOPPER SPARROW was seen along the shore of Deer Creek Reservoir near the Charleston turnoff from Highway 189 on Friday, 04/02. A BLACK-THROATED SPARROW was also there (MS,DW).

A BLUE-WINGED TEAL was seen in the small ponds near Deer Creek Reservoir at Charleston on Sunday, 04/04 (DT).

Other birds reported from Deer Creek Reservoir include COMMON LOONS on Friday, 03/26 (DS) and Wednesday, 03/31 (EH); RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS on Wednesday, 03/31 (EH); and OSPREY on Friday, 03/26 (DS) and Friday 04/02 (MS,DW).

At the Bureau of Reclamation mitigation area below Jordanelle Dam, two FOX SPARROWS were seen on Friday, 03/26 (DS).

WASHINGTON COUNTY A GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was seen in the campground of the Red Cliffs Recreation area north of St. George on Tuesday, 03/30 (BeS,MS).

A COMMON BLACK-HAWK was seen about 1/2 mile north of the ranch house at Lytle Ranch on Wednesday, 03/31 (BO).

Both male and female VERMILION FLYCATCHERS were seen at Red Hills Golf Course in St. George on Friday, 03/26 (JK,LW).

A HOODED ORIOLE was seen at Lytle Ranch on Saturday, 03/27 (JK,LW).

At the Springs Estates pond in Washington, a COMMON MOORHEN was seen on Friday, 03/26 (JK,LW).

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Tuesday, April 6, 1999.

Observers: DA=David Allan; RDA=Bob Atwood; JB=Jared Barnes; TB=Todd Black; EH=Eric Huish; JK=Josh Kreitzer; BM=Bill Masslich; MMon=Mike Monson; MM=Milton Moody; BO=Bryant Olsen; RR=Ron Ryel; DS=Dennis Shirley; BeS=Bethany Stackhouse; MS=Mark Stackhouse; DT=Deb Thorton; JVM=Julie VanMoorhem; BW=Bob Walters; MW=Merrill Webb; DW=David Wheeler; LW=Lew Wilkinson

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