Utah Bird Report for 11/2/98
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Cattle Egret Davis Co.
Tundra Swan Juab Co.
Greater Scaup Davis Co.
OLDSQUAW Davis Co., Garfield Co.
SURF SCOTER Davis Co., Garfield Co.
Red-breasted Merganser Davis Co.
Bald Eagle Davis Co., Juab Co.
Ferruginous Hawk Juab Co.
Northern Shrike Davis Co.
BLUE JAY Weber Co.
Winter Wren Utah Co.
Bohemian Waxwing Salt Lake Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


All three Scoter species have been seen along the Antelope Island Causeway this past weekend. On Friday, 10/03, three immature female SURF SCOTERS were seen at several points on the south side of the causeway between mile marker 2 and the island (NA,MS,ST,DW). On Saturday, 10/31, a female SURF SCOTER was seen by the second bridge (closest to the island) (DJ). Three female SURF SCOTERS were again seen on Sunday, 11/01, on the south side of the causeway; two between mile markers 1 - 2, and one at mile marker 4 (J&KB).

A female BLACK SCOTER was seen about 1 1/2 miles from the island on the south side of the causeway on Sunday, 11/01, and a female WHITE-WINGED SCOTER was seen at mile marker 4 (J&KB).

Two OLDSQUAW were seen on the Antelope Island Causeway on Sunday, 11/01. They were on the south side of the causeway at mile marker 5 (J&KB).

Other birds seen along the Antelope Island Causeway included several GREATER SCAUP seen on Friday, 10/30 (NA,MS,ST,DW), and on Saturday, 10/31 (DJ). A female RED-BREASTED MERGANSER was near the first bridge on the north side of the causeway on Friday, 10/30 (NA,MS,ST,DW).

Up to 6 CATTLE EGRETS were seen west of Kaysville along Sunset Lane on Saturday, 10/31 (DJ), and at 200 West and Shepard Lane on Sunday, 11/01 (J&KB).

A NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen at Farmington Bay WMA on Saturday, 10/31. The bird was seen along the main entrance road to the refuge (DJ).

An adult BALD EAGLE was seen along the Jordan River just north of Cudahay Lane on Wednesday, 10/28 (BW).

GARFIELD COUNTY Two SURF SCOTERS, an imm. male and an imm. female, were seen at Panguitch Lake on Sunday, 11/01. Also at Panguitch Lake on Sunday was an OLDSQUAW (SS).

JUAB COUNTY Several TUNDRA SWANS were seen at Mona Reservoir, along with "all the ducks," on Thursday, 10/29. A number of raptors were also present, including FERRUGIOUS HAWK and BALD EAGLE (DS).

SALT LAKE COUNTY The season's first BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were reported from Alta on Saturday, 10/31. About 20 waxwings were seen near the Peruvian Lodge (RJA&KJ).

UTAH COUNTY The WINTER WREN, which was reported from a trail near Canyon Glen Park in Provo Canyon on 10/27, has been seen again. A wren was seen on Saturday, 10/31 (J&KB), and two wrens were seen on Sunday, 11/01 (LL&MS). To get to the spot where the birds have been seen, go through the park and take the trail to the left just past the restrooms, and go down this trail until a dirt path intersects from the left, just before you get to a bench and a bridge. The birds have been in the brush in this area.

WEBER COUNTY Two BLUE JAYS are now coming to a feeder in Pleasant View where one spent most of last winter. The birds were seen on Friday, 10/30 (NA,MS,ST,DW). They have been visiting the feeder early in the morning, and sporadically through the day. To get there, take exit 352 from I-15, turn east on 2700 North, go to the end at 1000 West, turn north to the end at Pleasant View Drive, turn east for one block, and turn north on 900 West. Go north until you reach a gate. You can either park here and walk to the house, or call Ingrid Payne at 782-1787 to open the gate. The birds have been visiting feeders at the first house on the left through the gate.

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Monday, November 2, 1998.

Observers: RJA=R.J. Adams; NA=Nora Alvie; J&KB=Joel and Kathy Beyers; DJ=David Jensen; KJ=Kevin Johnson; LL=Laura Lockhart; DS=Dennis Shirley; MS=Mark Stackhouse; SS=Steve Summers; ST=Susan Thomas; BW=Bob Walters; DW=David Wheeler

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