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Thursday, October 19th, 2017: Bean Museum, 7:00PM
The meeting this month will be on a different night than usual.
We will meet on the third Thursday of the month, Oct 19, 2017, at the Bean Museum.
J.J. Horns from the University of Utah Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology lab will come talk to us about the bird banding project going on at their Red Butte and Rio Mesa study sites.

Address for the Monte L. Bean Museum is 645 East 1430 North, Provo, UT http://mlbean.byu.edu/


We're always looking for people to lead trips, so if we're not leading them frequently enough, feel free to volunteer to lead one! You don't have to be an expert, you just have to show up! :)

Monday, Oct. 9th, 2017: Garr Ranch and Antelope Island Causeway
6:30am - early afternoon. Meet at the Park and Ride lot off the NW end of Pioneer Crossing on the I-15 American Fork Main Street exit at 6:30am to carpool. We'll try and avoid rush hour traffic (although it may be unavoidable) and cruise out to Garr Ranch first thing and then bird the causeway on our way back. Bring a UT state park pass if you have one, or money to pay the entrance fee.

We are actively recruiting people to lead local half-day field trips, any time, any place.  If you would like to lead a field trip or if you have any ideas for this year’s field trips, please contact Bryan Shirley at - bt_shirley@hotmail.com  

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