Outstanding Performances for 2004

Big Year
Not only did Dennis Shirley set an amazing new "Big Year" record for Utah, but seven other birders broke 300 species for the year - a remarkable feat that only 19 birders have even accomplished.

Birders who saw more than 300 species in 2004:
     332 - Dennis Shirley
     326 - Kathy Beyer
     326 - Joel Beyer
     318 - Lu Giddings
     311 - Steve Sommerfield
     310 - Cindy Sommerfield
     304 - Merrill Webb
     301 - Bob Huntington

Utah Life Lists
When Mark Stackhouse sent in his new Utah Life List numbers, it looked like Dana Green, who spent a lot of time outside Utah in 2004, was going to slip into the number two position.  Surprisingly, Dana got 5 or 6 new state birds in 2004 to raise her state record to 382.  Here are the top Utah Life Lists.

Birders who have "Utah Life Lists" of over 350 species:
     382 Dana Green
     379 Mark Stackhouse
     376 Merrill Webb
     371 David Wheeler
     368 William J. Hunter
     366 Dennis Shirley
     366 Larene Wyss
     364 Joel Beyer
     364 Kathy Beyer
     361 Craig Kneedy
     356 Ella Sorensen
     351 Kent Lewis

World Lists
After two trips to Africa, a trip to Peru and one to Argentina (and maybe a couple of others slipped in here or there), Ivan Call vaulted into the number one spot for total bird species seen -  period.

Utah Birders who have seen over 1,000 bird species:
2,784 Ivan Call
     2,673 Dana Green
     2,554 Steve Carr
     2,558 Jens Munthe
     2,477 Kathy Munthe
     1,606 Bryan Shirley
     1,551 Sherwood Casjens
     1,543 Dennis Shirley
     1,396 Ned Hill
     1,243 Larene Wyss
     1,243 Milt Moody
     1,142 Robert Bond
     1,046 Letitia Lussier

Yard Lists
Seven yard list are over 100 birds.  With a backyard along the Provo River producing several exotic yard birds, Reed Stone's numbers have gradually crept up into the number one spot.

Utah Birders with Yard Lists over 100:
118 Reed Stone
     116 Alan Schmierer
     115 Steve Hedges
     105 Dana Green
     102 Sue Hinde
     102 Mark Stackhouse
     101 Steve & Priscilla Summers

The complete array of "Utah Listing Records" includes yard, county, Utah, other state,  US, North America, country, continent, and other records. Check out the main "Records Page" for the complete list.

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