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Are there two DIFFERENT Great Gray Owls?

One Great Great  Owl was reported near Midway on 29 Jan 2017 and a second Great Gray Owl was reported in Mountain Green on 2 Feb 2017.  The question is -- are they different owls or the same one?  Here are two photos for comparison.

Owl near Midway, Wasatch Co. Owl in Mountain Green, Morgan Co.
Photos by Cary Hobbs   ęCary Hobbs Photos by Scott Jones   ęScott Jones

Weston Smith Reports about the owl in Mountain Green:

 "...Talking to Garry [Mowery] as well as some local residents this bird has been in the neighborhood for at least one week possibly two or more."

Sight record for the Midway Owl
Sight record for the Mountain Green Owl

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