Hotline Photos

Neotropic Cormorant

24, 29 April 2009
Winchester Park
(1250 West Winchester St. [about 6400 South])
Salt Lake City, Utah

(Notes from Richard Young)

On July 22 of this year, I emailed regarding a possible sighting of Neotropic cormorants at Winchester Park in the Salt Lake Valley in April, 2009. I mentioned being a photographer with a keen interest in photographing birds; but I lack skills in identifying birds. I reported the sighting and photography of these birds and asked: if anyone would be interested in helping identify my birds, it would be appreciated. James McIntyre and Eric Huish came to the forefront. They each requested photos; and from my images they both concurred independently that these were Neotropic cormorants. Mr. McIntyre suggests that, in the photo of 4 birds swimming , the one furthest to the right was a double crested cormorant; and the three smaller birds to the left demonstrate characteristics of Neotropic cormorants. Both men concluded that I submit them to be posted; and yesterday, Mr. Milt Moody emailed me with a request to post the images on the Hotline, which now has been done. I have a significant number of other images of these birds; and I wasnít sure which would be best for identification. Hopefully, the photos posted on the Hotline will be of interest to others. In summary, Iím impressed with the responses of those willing to help; and Iím grateful to all who showed an interest. Thanks again. Richard B. Young

(Notes send in October from Richard Young)

On August 24th I sighted and photographed yet another NECO, (see attached). I posted on the hotline; and Kristen Purdy asked me for an image. She agreed that I have a juvenile NECO; and not the same bird she and Pomera Fronce discovered a day or two earlier... theirs was an adult, she said...

I photographed this bird [in the last three pictures] in an area called, "The Nature Center", an area set up to teach about the Jordan River, as I was told.. located about 2-3 blocks south... on the walkway from the parking lot on the Jordan River Parkway at 4800 South.

         Photos by Richard Young    ©Richard B. Young

The fist three picture are from 29 April 2009

The next three have picture from  24 August 2009 for comparison.

Photos by Richard Young    ©Richard B. Young

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