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Mexican Duck
 (Subspecies of Mallard)

22 Nov 2009
Springdale Pond
Washington County, Utah

(E-mail from Rick Fridell, 23 Nov 2009)


Yesterday (11/22) we spent the afternoon at Zion Canyon. The birding highlight was an apparent adult male 'Mexican Duck' intergrade at the Springdale Pond, Washington Co., UT. The duck was with a small flock of 8 typical Mallards. Although I did not see the speculum borders in flight, I'm assuming it was a 'Mexican' Duck rather than a Mottled Duck due to plumage details and coloration... This is the second apparent 'Mexican' Duck I've photograhed in Washington Co. -- both this year. The other was April 21 in the Washington Fields; also an adult male paired with a typical hen Mallard...

Rick Fridell
Hurricane, UT

         Photos by Rick Fridell

Photos by Rick Fridell

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