Costa Rican Birding Adventure
by Ned C. Hill

This is a story of a birding adventure taken by ten Utah County Birders to Costa Rica, March 6-16, 2003,
where they saw over 300 species. Bryan and Dennis Shirley were the trip leaders.

   Bryan, LeIla, Scott, Carol Jean, Tuula, Alton, Tom, Milt, Ned (Dennis shot the photo)
Part One: Pacific Slope
Part Two:
The Monteverde Cloud Forest
Part Three: The Arenal Volcano Area
Part Four: Selva Verde and La Selva
Part Five: Poas Volcano Area


Costa Rica
Where else

  • nCould you see 10 lifers in about 30 seconds?
  • Do they have more species of birds than all of North America in an area half the size of Utah?
  • Could you drive a few miles over the continental divide and find a whole different world of flora and fauna?
  • Can you hope to see 27 hummingbirds, 22 tanagers, 9 woodpeckers, 13 woodcreepers, 4 trogons, 12 wrens and 2 toucans in little over a week?
  • nCan you see 300 species of birds in 9 days in a very pleasant, friendly environment?


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