Red-tailed Hawk Nest

by Oliver Hansen

Washington County, Utah

On Monday May 2, 2011 I was driving out to Gunlock and decided to stop and photograph some of the cliff swallow nests (about mile after leaving the Shivwits Reservation).

Cliff Swallow Nests

As I was watching the hundreds of swallows I noticed a Red-tailed hawk flying straight for the cliffs. I thought to myself, "That Red-tail is going to run smack into those cliffs!" Much to my relief, it put on the breaks just in time and landed on an amazing nest built right over a sandstone cliff ledge.

A few Hundred yards back up the road I found a spot to easily climb up and take a few pictures from above.

I tried staying hidden behind the cliffs so as to not bother the birds and took a quick picture of the 2 chicks.
After a few minutes the mom noticed me and quickly let me know that 100 yards away was still too close for comfort.

I made my way back down to the road to leave the little family in peace.

All Photos by Oliver Hansen     ŠOliver Hansen


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