Adult-like Juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawks

By Jerry Liguori
(Text is taken from emails from Jerry)

Many juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawks are heavily marked and appear adult-like. I attached a few good examples of this plumage is common on females and much less common on males. It has not molted yet, it is in complete juvenile (or juvenal) plumage (too early for molt to occur and many barred-like plumage, especially in the flanks like this in fresh plumage).

Someone asked me about the bluish topside of the Sharp-shinned Hawk recently discussed. I should have clarified, when backlit in spring faded brown birds can look grayish, even in fall certain angles can be tricky....I have photos of this too. Isn't there always more than meets the eye when it comes to bird watching....


          Photos by Jerry Liguori


Photos by Jerry Liguori

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