Utah Birds

"  The Chick Pix Awards"

From photos on the Utah Birds website
(August 2009)

Some new-born birds look very cute while others look pretty darn ugly, you'd have to say, in their very early and somewhat awkward stages of life.  The following "chick pix" have been given awards for assorted reasons -- mostly for cuteness and humor.  A big "thanks" to all of the photographers who share their incredible pictures with us!    ~ Utah Birds Website

(In no particular order)

The Fast Food Takeout Award
Western Grebes by Kent Keller

The Noble Peas (in a Pod) Prize
Golden Eaglets
by Kent Keller

The In the Pink (but out of feathers) Award
Prairie Falcon chicks
by Kent Keller

The Learning to Like It Award
Virginia Rail chicks
by Paul Higgins

The Only a Mother Could Love Award
American Coot chick
by Jack Binch

The Baby Face Award
Black-necked Stilt chick
by Paul Higgins

The Face Like a Shoe Award
Turkey Vulture chicks
by Kent Keller

The Lengthen Your Stride Award
California Quail cheeper by Eric Huish

The Shock and Awe Award
Northern Pygmy-Owlet
by Andrea Faust

The From a Different Angle Award
Burrowing Owlets
by Kent Keller

The Tasteful Tattoo Award
Pied-billed Grebe chick by Jack Binch

The I'm Not a Morning Person Award
Common Nighthawk chicks
by Kent Keller

The What the Heck! Award
Cliff Swallow chick
by Kent Keller

The A Cappella Choir Award
Barn Swallow chicks
by Loraleigh Anderson


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Photos of recently-hatched birds from the "Utah Birds" website