Greater and Lesser Scaup

ID Challenge
For photos taken by Ryan O'Donnell

Email from: "Ryan O'Donnell" Tue, 25 Mar 2008:

Following Buck's post on Saturday I went to the ponds west of the Logan Landfill in search of Greater Scaup. I am still struggling to identify these in the field, but I felt like there was at least one and probably more that were Greaters. When I returned with a group of other birders on Sunday morning we were unable to find any Greaters. I took a bunch of photos on Saturday night and I wanted to solicit opinions on the three shots I thought looked most like Greaters (these may or may not be the same bird). I've based my ID primarily on the height and length of the bill, the width of the bill, the size of the nail on the tip, the width of the head at the "jowels", and partly on the shape of the head in profile. The pure white flanks was a minor corroborating point. Here are links to the photos:

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Photo #1:

Photo #2:

Photo #1:


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