An Ospreys Nest Near Charleston

by Kent Keller

Wasatch County, Utah
16 July 2007

By the end of the summer young Ospreys are fully-grown and starting to fly.  Kent Keller took these picture of very similar-looking adult and young Ospreys. There are some differences however, some of which are listed below. See if you can tell which is which in the following set of 16 pictures.


    Adult   Juvenile
Eye Color:  yellow  orange-red
Back & upper wings:  solid brown  flecked with white
Under parts & under wings:  white  buffy splotches  that fades quickly to white
Nape & back of head:  brown & white  buffy splotches and lighter brown

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Photos by  Kent Keller  ŠKent R. Keller                 |  Page 1 Page 2  |


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