Eagle and Osprey Meet

I was up in Montana near Wolf Creek on July 7th, 2004. This was along the Missouri River
below Holter Dam. I photographed an Osprey nest with 2 adults and 3 chicks. Then I headed
south, down the river. There were some Bighorn Sheep ewes and lambs about 1/4 to 1/2 mile
away from the Osprey nest and I was photographing those.

This eagle came flying overhead headed in the direction of the Osprey nest. He flew over the
crest of the cliff atop the hill and I lost sight of him ...

... a short time later he came flying back over with one of the Ospreys chasing and buzzing
him. I was able to get these shots of the two of them putting on quite an aerial display.

 ~ Ted Steinke

Photos by Ted Steinke 
ŠTed Steinke

    Photos by Ted Steinke   ŠTed Steinke

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