Mill Hollow Reservoir

Mill Hollow Reservoir    by Staff Photographer  ŠJuly 2012

Description: The 3-mile road to the reservoir goes along a stream lined with good riparian habitat especially from the Guard Station (2 miles up) to the reservoir.  The small reservoir lies between the firs on the north-facing slopes and the aspens on the south-facing slopes.  (While in the area, you might want to visit the Wolf Creek Summit area, 4 miles from the Mill Hollow turnoff up the mountain road. You can also continue up the canyon to the Duchesne Ridge Road or to the Lake Creek road that takes you  to Heber).

Directions:  The turn off to Mill Hollow Reservoir is located along US 35, 14 miles east of Francis and 20 miles west of Hanna.  Go about 3 miles from the sign to Mill Hollow Reservoir on a good dirt/gravel road.

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The Trail along the Shoreline    by Staff Photographer  ŠJuly 2012

Looking East from the Dam    by Staff Photographer  ŠJuly 2012

Wet area about a mile below the reservoir    by Staff Photographer  ŠJuly 2012