Vivian Park / Provo Canyon

South Fork Creek Fish Steps    by Staff Photographer  ©

Directions: Take Exit 272 of I-15 in Orem and go east on 800 North (UT 52) about 4 miles to the mouth of Provo Canyon.  Keep left and continue up the canyon on US 189.  About 6 miles up the canyon turn right and cross the bridge to Vivian Park. 

Description: There are parking lots on both sides off the South Fork Road and a very good restroom facility near the road.  There is an excellent paved trail going downstream from the park area which has good riparian habitat on both sides and a couple of marshy areas that are often fairly birdy.

Birding: Birding around the park area can be very good.  Watch especially for dippers along and just below the fish steps as the South Fork Creek comes into the park area.  Chats, catbirds, thrushes and Fox Sparrows can be found in the Spring and Summer as you go downstream from the park on the Provo River Parkway.  Kingfishers are often flying along the river or perched on overhanging branches waiting for fish.

Specialty Birds: Gray Catbird, Swainson's and Hermit Thrush, Fox Sparrow, American Dipper, Belted Kingfisher

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Vivian Park Pond    by Staff Photographer  ©


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