Springville Industrial Park
aka.: Mountain Springs Parkway, Floswerve

Pond at the Business Park Entrance     by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org

Directions: Take the first Springville exit if your heading southbound on I-15. Head east (SR 75 or 1400 North Springville) when you get off of the exit, go past the first light and the Flying J and Maverick gas stations. Turn right on the second light which is posted as 1100 west.  ~ KC Childs

Description:  There are streams, ponds, marshy areas, large trees and other mature foliage along the roads which course in several directions throughout the park.

Birds: Great White-fronted Goose, Waterfowl, Great Egret, Green Heron, Belted Kingfisher, American Pipit

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        Riparian Habitat in the Park     by Staff Photographer  Šutahbirds.org


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