Provo Wetlands WPA  (Kuhni Wetlands)

Mount Timpanogos from Provo Wetlands       by Staff Photographer  ©

Directions: From the University exit  (Exit 263) of I-15 in south Provo, go east on 1860 South (the street just south of the tall Novell building).  Go through two stoplights and turn right at 700 East (Industrial Parkway -- signed only on the north of the intersection) which has signs indicating access to Kuhni Road and 1910 South. This road turns immediately into 1920 South and skirts around the east side of the East Bay Golf Course as 950 East which becomes Kuhni Road.  Go along 950 East/Kuhni Road about 1/4 of a mile past the Kuhni’s animal rendering plant to the Provo Wetlands (Kuhni Wetlands) on the west side of the road.

Description:   There is a trail on the north side of the wetlands that follows a small stream which divides the wetland from the Kuhni plant and the golf course on the north.  This trail goes all the way to the freeway and continues south about 1/4 of a miles going past several ponds.
     There is also a turn off (from Kuhni Road) about a block south of the trail which leads to a fenced off parking lot (available by appointment -379-6700). You can pass through just to the right of the gate (you may have to duck under a wire) and you can bird the tree areas around the parking lot by using the foot trails which lead to different parts of the marsh lands.

Specialty Birds:  (Spring and summer)  Common Yellowthroat, Great Blue Heron, Double-crested Cormorant, migrating passerines, Lincoln's Sparrow, Ruddy Duck, Virginia Rail, Sora, Evening Grosbeak, terns, waterfowl and shorebirds.

Note: This wetland was established as a mitigation area for the Provo Airport expansion.

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Cormorant Roost Tree       by Ted Fitzgerald  ©Ted V. Fitzgerald

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